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problem with more than 2 mount parameter
  03/29-04:29 . 0750  "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=F6l=E9tormos_Csaba?=" <> [31]
___ Hi All, my problem is: it seems, that when i add more than 2 "mount" options for delegate, only the 1st and the 2nd redirection works. The others dont run into an error message, the requested pages
Xproxy port allocation
  03/29-15:18 . 0751  Marc Elsen <> [19]
___ I have a problem with X-proxying and delegate (6.1.2) under Linux (2.2.10). It seems that delegate upon new requests for proxy connections augments offered display numbers to the end users as in 601
SSLway, keys and Netscape
  04/03-17:52 . 0752  Kai Dupke <> [16]
___ (also mailed) Hi, as I tried delegate as https-2-http-proxy I compiled sslway. But how to get the requested keys? As I read the docs of delegate and ssleay and tried the keys generated by
Delegate, Local File Paths, and OS/2 yet again.
  04/04-12:38 . 0753 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
___ Dear OS/2 users, <URL:> <URL:> I will apply this independently double checked modification :-) to th
DeleGate/6.1.5 -- SSI (server side include)
  04/05-17:50 . 0754 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available at: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.5.tar.gz DATE: Apr 5 17:12 JST 2000 SIZE: 901618 bytes MD5: 9eb2ba3
SSLway, keys and Netscape
  04/06-04:40 . 0755  Wes Brown <> [46]
___ Their are a number of ways to build test or production keys. The two that I use are the self signed keys and keys using a self-authoritative CA that I control. The easiest way to make a self-signed
DeleGate/6.1.6 -- emergent fix for HTTP keep-alive with servers
  04/07-12:26 . 0756 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.6.tar.gz DATE: Apr 7 11:54 JST 2000 SIZE: 901793 bytes MD5: c0f7231
  04/09-18:42 . 0757  "Jimmy Yeng" <> [61]
___ はじめましてJimmyと申します. 初めてDelegateをProxyとして使わせていただきますが、 Linuxを再起動すれば自動的マウント先のWebサーバに マウントさせたいのですが、何かいい方法ありませんか? 現在、再起動たび
DeleGate/6.1.7 -- bug fix (FTP/Socks, Shift-JIS, MOUNT, CGI-DeleGate)
  04/12-14:11 . 0758 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.7.tar.gz DATE: Apr 12 13:29 JST 2000 SIZE: 903304 bytes MD5: e342ef
PAM support
  04/13-16:20 . 0760  Albert Uy <> [6]
___ Greetings! A good day to you. Does DeleGate support PAM? Thanks in Advance.
Delegate 6.1.6 & RH Linux 5.2
  04/13-23:48 . 0761  "Matthew Massena" <> [45]
___ I'm trying to compile Delegate 6.1.6 on Red Hat Linux 5.2 When I run Make I get the message: "Makefile:2: commands commence before first target. Stop." Does anyone have any idea how I must go about
Typo report
  04/16-12:38 . 0762  "Derrick Coetzee" <> [35]
___ I'm probably sending this to the wrong place but I'm just helping you Delegate guys with your English a bit... in the Telnet proxy help you misspelled "disconnect" as "dissconnect" :-) Fix if you fe
  04/17-13:07 . 0763 (Yutaka Sato) [16]
___ You seem to mention about some ancient versions of DeleGate... Although I never think that the current version (6.1) is complete, I'm sure it is much better than any ancient ones, thus I wish if I c
DeleGate Authorization servers
  04/18-10:58 . 0764  "Albert C. Uy" <> [25]
___ Greetings! A good day to you. i would like to know if it is possible to use an LDAP/RADIUS/netware NDS server as an authorization server for DeleGate. Thanks in advance for your response. Live Long
Delegate 6.1.6
  04/18-13:33 . 0765  "Matt Massena" <> [32]
___ Found my mistake. Thanks anyway. Matt
proxy authorization
  04/18-23:12 . 0766  Igor Kononov <> [8]
___ Hello! I use upstream http proxy with authorization - can i configure DeleGate to do it? (may be as "login" directive in squid parent configuration?) Thanks... Igor Kononov ik@altavista..
DeleGate/6.1.8 -- bug fix (FTP, HTTP)
  04/19-16:10 . 0767 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.8.tar.gz DATE: Apr 19 15:58 JST 2000 SIZE: 907461 bytes MD5: e505f1
Compiling on Solaris/SPARC
  04/19-20:12 . 0768  "Michael Smirnov" <> [46]
___ I cannot comile delegate6.1.7 on Solaris 2.5/SPARC: /new/distr/ftpproxies/delegate/delegate6.1.7/mkmake -makeat .../lib/library.a .../rary library.a "make" libx MAKE="make" SHELL="/bin/sh" CC="cc" C
Nice work
  04/19-22:58 . 0769  "M.N." <> [31]
___ Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your efforts
Compiling on Solaris/SPARC
  04/20-11:12 . 0770 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
___ Maybe the error occurs because "struct sigaction" is not defined in your compilation environment. I can't figure out the reason because it is to be defined in <sys/signal.h> in the standard environm
Patch proposal
  04/23-02:47 . 0771  "Tommy Lacroix" <> [838]
___ This patch corrects Extern/Static mismatch declarations in a lot of files, plus 4 "pointer from integer without a cast" warnings in ssi.c. That doesn't correct any bug, but it is removing about 200
errors compiling delegate on Linux 2.0.
  04/26-01:18 . 0772  test room <> [159]
___ Hi I used to be able to compile delegate on this version of Linux. Now I'm getting the attached error messages. Please advise. gcc -O -I../include -c _-poll.c _-poll.c:8: poll.h: No such file or dir
ICP & HTTP Server
  04/26-20:55 . 0773  Yann Guinamand <> [55]
___ With a spider "wget", I copy Web Sites to my hard drive to : /usr/local/www/data/http For example : --> /usr/local/www/data/http/
DeleGate/6.1.9 -- bug fix (HTTP, Socks) & HTTP header tolerance
  04/27-14:30 . 0774 (Yutaka Sato) [38]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.9.tar.gz DATE: Apr 27 13:40 JST 2000 SIZE: 909816 bytes MD5: 58e6f5
  04/27-15:41 . 0775  Bj{#CCX:UTF-8:NOMAP:LocalToUTF8:7672#}n <> [14]
___ Hallo, I've found a bug in delegate of the current version. URLs like these ftp://user:pass@host aren't forwarded correctly to another Proxy like Squid. The part before the @ is cutted. URLs look th
Microsoft proxy
  04/27-17:13 . 0776  LE GOUVELLO Louis Athesa <> [9]
___ Hello Do you have an add-on for Microsoft proxy? Best regards Louis Le Gouvello CS-SI
  04/27-17:36 . 0777 (Yutaka Sato) [71]
___ Since the usage of "user:pass" is strongly discuraged in RFC2396, I've not been so positive to support it. I thought forwarding such URL as is to an upstream proxy server is not desirable. As a comp
Configuration problems
  04/28-05:25 . 0778  Bj{#CCX:UTF-8:NOMAP:LocalToUTF8:7672#}n <> [25]
___ Hallo, sorry that I must use your personal help, but the manual is to complex for me. I want 3 tasks Delegate should do: 1. all requests on port 58080 should forward to a Squid proxy on port 8080 de
ICP only HIT with HTML files
  04/28-18:24 . 0779  Yann Guinamand <> [53]
___ I've got : *** * HTTP Server * <--- Delegate * ICP Server * *** ^ | | SIBLING | *** * SQUID * *** This configuration works fine. BUT : Delegate ICP server replies "SIBLING_HIT" only with HTML files.
ICP errors
  04/28-20:38 . 0780  Yann Guinamand <> [68]
___ 04/28 13:34:08.37 [30864] 0+0: START 04/28 13:34:14.63 [30861] 1+1: 6.30 QUERY [#92 55/55] U= 04/28 13:34:14.63 [30861] 1+1: FATAL: get{host|peer}name(-1) fa
Trying to fix timeout problems which break connection to end user.
  05/03-18:09 . 0781  Gert-Jan de Jonge <> [41]
___ Hi, I am trying to fix the disconnect to a user when a user is reading news. (situation sketch below) The user is disconnected in 2 cases: 1- the user line is slow, so when the cache has already rec
Can not hide my command arugments and how to use DGOPTS
  05/04-14:26 . 0782  "=?big5?B?V2FuZyBzaGF1LXl1IFwoILLQpnQgXCk=?=" <> [17]
___ Dear sir: I am a new in using delegate.. and i also try to read whole menual .. but i still can not do those two. 1. when i try to using the ./delegated -- -P8080 SERVER=ftp acrroding to menu, when
Delegate 6.1.9 and openssl -0.9.5a
  05/05-22:32 . 0783  "Thomas Heidkamp" <> [44]
___ Linux-Compiler-Error : The way: Building delegate sslway. 1. in the delegate-directory, building the source with make. NO problem! 2. in the openssl-0.9.5a-directory, building the source with with .
Delegate 6.1.9 and openssl
  05/06-08:53 . 0784  test room <> [54]
___ You may want to try adding also libmimekit.a to the Makefile. Regards, Horia Georgescu
Delegate 6.1.9 and openssl -0.9.5a
  05/08-11:57 . 0785 (Yutaka Sato) [89]
___ Hi, SSLway has nothing to do with MIME (as long as I know). The problem was caused in a transient status in the way of source code restructuring and I have intended to move "str_stdio.*" from "libmi
ICP errors
  05/08-15:46 . 0786 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
___ This log line shows that DeleGate tried to get the peer (client) address of a connected socket since the address might be used for access control. But any socket is not connected in the case of ICP/
DeleGate/6.1.10 -- bug fix (Ident, HTTP)
  05/08-18:29 . 0787 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ Dear users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate6.1.10.tar.gz DATE: May 8 16:57 JST 2000 SIZE: 910495 bytes MD5
delay in connection
  05/09-06:31 . 0788  truyen <> [13]
___ HI I test delegate on win98 delegate -P23 SERVER=telnet and on solaris delegate -P2300 SERVER=telnet client telnet to the host running delegate fine But when entering an Ip for target host it take 2
DeleGate Performance
  05/10-21:53 . 0789  "Shien Juen Lam" <> [8]
___ Hi all, I have just installed the DeleGate on my Linux server. It is up and running now and listening to port 8080 only for http service. The internet connection is through a 56k external modem. The
Delegate6.1.10 and openssl-0.9.5a
  05/11-16:45 . 0790  "Thomas Heidkamp" <> [49]
___ Thanx for the Update to Delegate6.1.10. SSLWAY can now be compiled without errors.!!! But here are a few questions about sslway: 1. I build my CSR in openssl with this command : cd /usr/local/ssl/ce
delegate Copyright
  05/12-06:02 . 0791 (Ingo) [12]
___ hi, why canエt i read (get) the Copyright ??? please correct your link in the mainpage: or the access-policies for your ftp-server ;-) Thanks Ingo Voss
Delegate & autodial system
  05/13-00:54 . 0792  Cavadini Fabrizio <> [43]
___ I need to installa a proxy server system for sharing one single internet connection with a 56kb modem with my lan. It is possible with your product? How I need to make this? (I need to create a syst
Fire the Boss and Break the alarm clock!
  05/14-07:20 . 0793 [76]
___ Your email was received as someone looking to make more income, if not remove info at end of letter Would You Take Out 15 Seconds To Read Something If U Knew You Would Improve your Income? It is hap
how to set up delegate as a load balancing web server
  05/16-10:43 . 0794  "CIOS/Comserve Support Staff" <> [21]
___ Hi Folks, In our situation we have three physical machines running OS/2, each with its own IP address: (, (, ( O
Delegate as SSL tunnel (possibly via arbitrary HTTPS proxies!) for JDBC?
  05/16-19:27 . 0795  "Dr. Christian =?iso-8859-1?Q?B=F6ttger?=" <> [67]
___ G'day! I am trying to solve a secure access problem using Delegate. Unfortunately, I do not really understand what options I would need to perform this task; somehow I can't extract all necessary in
proxy access control
  05/18-03:36 . 0796  Andrea <> [25]
___ Dear Sir, I'm trying to set up the authorization for the users of the DeleGate proxy server, latest rel. .on linux Slackware 7. I want that only the authenticated users can access the proxy when bro
Problems reaching different servers with same IP
  05/19-00:48 . 0797  Heiner Lennackers <> [18]
___ Hi, I have problems with delegated after upgrading from version 5.9.3 to 6.1.10. The 6.1.10 always resolves the hostname to an ip address, so i cannot reach "virtual servers", with different hostnam
  05/20-03:23 . 0798 [20]
___ I am trying to obtain the software Delegate XX...Since I cannot download from the there any other way of getting a copy of the software??? Are there any costs involved??? I await your r
Delegate for NT
  05/21-00:56 . 0799  Greg Morgan <> [25]
___ Hello, I am using Delegate 6.1.0 and I also have the same problem described by Andrew below. Apparently, Delegate waits for 10 seconds or so before send/recv the request and another few seconds is n
  05/21-01:19 . 0800  Greg Morgan <> [10]
___ Hello, I am running Delegate 6.1.10 for Win32. Here is the problem: when I try to access a site, let's say, the response from DeleGate will *always* be slow compared to other p
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