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[DeleGate-En] Delegate, Local File Paths, and OS/2 yet again.
28 Mar 2000 18:54:37 GMT Derek J Decker <>
Decker Automation

The other day I checked up at, and decided to upgrade
copy of Delegate to 6.1.4.  Once again, it built cleanly, with no
troubles. And
once again, to my horror, I discovered that it was not finding locally
mounted files 
when used as an origin server.

And here I thought we had corrected this.  

This time, though, because of the thoughtful restructuring of the code,
fix was a lot easier.  The difficulty lies in the isFullpath() function
of file.c, 
found in both the rary and resolvy directories. 

The first comparision  in that function,

	if( FS_dosPath || *_PATHSEP() == '\\' ){

fails for delegate built under OS/2 with EMX, as:

1) FS_dospath gets defined to zero near the beginning of the file, and
2) The PATHSEP as set by the _PATHSEP() function is '/', as OS/2 uses
    solidus character in all internal directory representations (Though
it's legal
    to also use a '\\'.

To correct this, I modified the section near the beginning of file.c
that reads:

#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__CYGWIN__)
int FS_dosPath = 1;
int FS_dosPath = 0;

to read: 

#if defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(__CYGWIN__) || defined(__EMX__)
int FS_dosPath = 1;
int FS_dosPath = 0;

Thus ensuring that FS_dosPath is set to 1, and the initial test in the
function succeeds.  So far, this appears to have done the trick.

Moreover, I was not drinking beer while doing this.  We will have to see
if this
is, therefore, the preferred solution.  :-)

Once again, I thank you for a useful and versatile tool!


|  Derek J Decker       Decker Automation    |
|  Tel/Fax: 000/000-0006                          585 Winterhill Lane  |
|                        Lexington, KY 40509  |

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