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[DeleGate-En] Re: compile problems
27 Mar 2000 13:32:35 GMT Gary Sabot <>

Thanks for the canon_date patch; it let me compile mime_kit just fine.

Can you help me clear up a question about how to use enMime?

I have no problem creating a simple RFC822 test message, passing it
into this:

  enMime PGP=encr,mime < /tmp/msgfile 

and it comes out as an attachement that is encrypted.

However, what I want to do is be able to send a PGP message that can
be decrypted at the destination into a regular message that happens to
have an attachement.  I have received messages from PC PGP users that
work like this, but the best I can do with my PGP command line so far
is send them a clear message with an attachement that happens to be a
PGP file.

I tried to do it as follows:

  /* Generate a RFC822 message with an attachment */
  mpack -s test -d /tmp/descfile -o /tmp/outfile /tmp/attach_this

  /* PGP/MIME encrypt it */
  enMime PGP=encr,mime < /tmp/outfile 

But it just echoes the message to me unchanged.  I also tried several
other MIME inputs not using mpack, and got the same results.

Is this functionality not supported by enMime?


P.S. I am not on the mailing list and am having some trouble accessing it,
so if you post your response, please do cc it to me by email as well.

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