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DeleGate fails to stay loaded
  10/02-14:58 . 0596  Gregory Carvalho <> [112]
  is appearing when /etc/rc.local is called during the boot process, after your copyright info appears. DeleGate is not remaining loaded after system boot. It is displaying the above message at system
tcprelay and udprelay [Directx Proxying]
  10/02-19:03 . 0597  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lo=EFc_de_Vaulx?= <> [67]
  hello! Actually, I need to open a lot of tcprelay and udprelay ports on my server to test and develop some directx software and I can't find the best way to do what I need. I would like to use a com
FTP and SMTP proxy
  10/05-21:32 . 0598  "G. Kelana Sudibyo" <> [29]
  Hi Yutaka-san, I use CuteFTP and I see the transfer speed from log window... is same with the other ftp servers... The ftp server is only for web administrators to put their web files and so
y2k compliance
  10/08-03:55 . 0599  Lisa Rakubowski <> [6]
  Dear Delegate Representative: Are you y2k compliant? Lisa M. Jakubowski
bug in FTP proxy when USER requires no password
  10/08-17:58 . 0600  Christoph Schwarz <> [21]
  Hi, i found a bug in the FTP proxy (as of delegate 5.9.5): When you connect to an account which requires no password, the FTP server sends as reply to the USER command: 230 USER logged in. Delegate
  10/14-15:58 . 0601 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
  Hi, Thank you for your notice. I enclosed a patch which will fix the problem. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @ Computer Science Division, Electrotechnica
FW: Using DeleGate as an SSL Proxy
  10/14-23:38 . 0602  Salman Ahmed <> [82]
  ---Original Message--- From: Salman Ahmed Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 12:06 PM To: '' Subject: Using DeleGate as an SSL Proxy Importance: High Hello, I am interested in finding
year 2000 compliance
  10/15-01:59 . 0603  Lisa Rakubowski <> [9]
  Dear Delegate Representative: Would you please tell me if Delegate is Y2K compliant? Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank You, Lisa M. Jakubowski
E-P error message?
  10/17-13:59 . 0604  "J. Mark Noworolski" <> [46]
  I'm trying to run delegate on a machine to trasparently forward arbitrary tcp requests. When I run delegated -v -P6112 SERVER=tcprelay:// on a machine, say wind.eecs.berkel
LDAP with DeleGate?
  10/19-00:14 . 0605  Christian =?ISO-8859-1?Q?B=F6ttger?= <> [20]
LDAP and DeleGate?
  10/19-00:33 . 0606  "Christian Boettger" <> [31]
  G'day! We tried to use DeleGate 5.9.5 as LDAP-Proxy, but we can't get it to work. The Service is running, connections from clients are logged into log/389, but there is always a timeout. After stopp
DeleGate 5.9.5 and LDAP?
  10/19-00:49 . 0607  Christian =?ISO-8859-1?Q?B=F6ttger?= <> [40]
  G'day! Anyone out there ever tried LDAP Proxy? According to Manual.txt just start delegated P389 SERVER=ldap and pass the parameter @real.wanted.ldap.server after the Search Root from the client.
LDAP and DeleGate?
  10/19-01:03 . 0608 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
  - what do you use as a LDAP client program? - what parameters did you give to DeleGate? Here is a successful example of LDAP proxying by DeleGate. (from <URL:
  10/19-02:13 . 0609  "Christian Boettger" <> [66]
  G'day! Date sent: Tue, 19 Oct 99 01:03:48 JST To: Copies to: Subject: Re: [DeleGate-En] LDAP and DeleGate? From: ysato@etl.go
  10/19-02:59 . 0610 (Yutaka Sato) [87]
  What is specified in your "LDAP Server" entry in "Directory Server Property" of your Netscape Communicator? I tested LDAP-DeleGate on my Linux machine to successfully get list of "Boettger"s includi
SMTP (where is spool for bad messages ?), PROXY
  10/19-08:29 . 0611  "Dariusz Fabicki" <> [80]
  Hi :) I. My configuration: delegate -v -P25 SERVER=smtp PERMIT="smtp:*:*" RES_NS= directory: C:\Program Files\Delegate\etc\smtpgate\fabik 1
POP/HTTPS proxy: is it supposed to work?
  10/19-11:38 . 0612  "Horia Georgescu" <> [78]
  Hello Yutaka and all, I'm trying to use the following configuration: delgated -P443 SERVER=https \ MOUNT=/* http://host.domain/* \ MOUNT="/mail/* pop://host.domain/*" \ REMITTABLE="https" While the
  10/19-14:53 . 0613 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
  Could you really access your delegate not as "http://delegate:443/" but as "https://delegate/" ?? with SSL encoding enabled ?? I suppose you might access in the former way so that your browser canno
LDAP and DeleGate?
  10/19-18:42 . 0614  "Christian Boettger" <> [56]
  G'day! Am 19 Oct 99, um 2:59 hat Yutaka Sato (Yutaka Sato <>) geschrieben zum Thema "Re: [DeleGate-En] LDAP and DeleGate?": Date sent: Tue, 19 Oct 99 02:59:31 JST To: d
POP/HTTPS proxy: is it
  10/19-22:55 . 0615  Horia Georgescu <> [186]
  I'm sorry, Yutaka, I've omitted some of the startup parameters in the command line... The command does include the certificates and the FCL parameter. And it works like a charm for the HTTP to HTTPS
  10/21-02:11 . 0616 (Yutaka Sato) [41]
  Then your problem seems independent of SSLway and just caused by POP/HTTP gateway by DeleGate. I suppose that you will get the same result with the following DeleGate, is it right? delegated -v -P80
LDAP and DeleGate?
  10/21-02:38 . 0617 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
  No. I can do it without problem using any port. Did you tested exactly like follows ? (search using "Search For" button) Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato <> @ @
Filtering on NT
  10/25-23:28 . 0618  Daniel Persson <> [9]
  Hello I have problem getting the filtering mechanism work on NT. Seems like it is called but that there is no connection between DeleGate and the filter so DeleGate times out. Is there some special
POP/HTTPS proxy: is it
  10/28-08:15 . 0619  Horia Georgescu <> [81]
  Hi Yutaka, Here I am again. Thank you for your feedback. I had to postpone a little bit the testing, but today I tried to place some spies in the code, as you advised me, but I haven't got too far.
POP/HTTPS proxy: i
  10/28-08:59 . 0620  Horia Georgescu <> [107]
  Hello again, Sir, Digging further into this POP/HTTP thing, how is this supposed to be used? Only as a mail reader? What if a message is sent with attachments (doc, or xls files)? What about the rep
LDAP and DeleGate?
  10/29-03:35 . 0621  Christian =?ISO-8859-1?Q?B=F6ttger?= <> [60]
  G'day! Am 18.10.99, 19:59:32, schrieb (Yutaka Sato) zum Thema [DeleGate-En] Re: LDAP and DeleGate?: I've tried it again using Netscpe 4.7 LDAP-SERVER=[]=[
DeleGate/6.0.0 -- alpha version
  10/30-22:53 . 0622 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [77]
  Dear progressive users, I inform you of the release of DeleGate/6.0.0 (in alpha status) available at: SITE: FILE: delegate6.0.0.tar.gz DATE: Oct 30 21:47 JST
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