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[DeleGate-En] How to automatically delete and recreate service
21 Jul 2014 01:53:53 GMT Joel Pearson <>


Thanks for creating delegate, I really like it, so lightweight, yet functional.  It's like a Swiss Army knife!

Once a month when I change my upstream proxy password I have to recreate my DeleGate services, is it possible to automatically answer "yes" to deleting the old server and creating the new service and making it start automatically?

Here is the output below:

Trying to start as a service [DeleGate Server -P20003,__0:20003] ...

The service `DeleGate Server -P20003,__0:20003' exists.  Delete it ? [y] / n : y

OK. STOPped the previous service.

OK. DELETEd the previous service.

Create a new service ? [y] / n : y

Set Automatic Start on System Startup ? [y] / n : y

OK. Parameters are saved in registry:


OK. Environments are saved in registry:


OK. The service is created successfully.

OK. The service started successfully.



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