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[DeleGate-En] Re: Problems building delegate9.9.8-pre20
05 Jun 2014 21:15:21 GMT Alan Burlison <>

On 02/00/0000 00:01, Yutaka Sato wrote:

> Although I don't remember, it seems that I fixed the problem in
> DeleGate/9.9.8-pre29. The change log says:
> 9.9.8 fix-140512a {unix,_-system,__system}.c: compilation on Solaris11 (gcc 4.8.2)

Yes, it now compiles cleanly, thanks :-)

>   |Also, I'm havng real issues with delegate 9.9.7 when accessing facebook
>   |and gmail - basically anything that has a lot of asynchronous
>   |javascript-initiated network traffic. The symptoms are that the pages
>   |just don't load properly. That's why I'm trying 9.9.8, if that doesn't
>   |work I'm going to have to use something other than delegate, which is a
>   |shame as I really like it.
> Possibly it is the symptom that made me create DeleGate/9.9.9-pre1.
> See <URL:>

I think you are right, since upgrading to 9.9.9-pre1 all my problems
with facebook, google+ and gmail seem to have gone away. Thank you so
much :-)

Alan Burlison

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