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Compile problems
  07/03-06:50 . 0507  "Jon Gillies" <> [137]
  I have the same problem. Any help here? Regards, Jon.
nntp/http password authorization?
  07/05-19:36 . 0508  "Soletormos Csaba" <> [26]
  Hi All! I'd like to setup nntp/http gateway with delegate. It works fine, but I also want to use some authorization with it: when the user calls the url "" fir
  07/06-16:49 . 0509  "a" <> [27]
NNTPS -- help?
  07/07-02:07 . 0510  "Jonathan Scott" <> [27]
  Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone has managed to get Secure News to work? I am running Delegate on a FreeBSD box, and I have no problem using it to create a very simple secure web server -- or to
  07/07-11:35 . 0511 (Yutaka Sato) [74]
  Could you show me the exact error message you saw when the negotiation failed ? At least in my environment, NNTP/SSL-DeleGate seems to work without problems like follows. --environment-- Client: Net
  07/08-03:33 . 0512 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [51]
  Jonathan, Sorry, by mistake, I sent this message to <> where English is not so popular ;-) Please reply to <> if you would. Cheers, Yutaka Yutaka Sato
Problem with logging stop
  07/08-18:53 . 0513 [57]
  Hi! Our LAN use Linux (2.2.10) computer with DeleGate (5.9.2) as a proxi. I'm not system administrator and not so familiar with DeleGate but really I'm responsible for operation of our office LAN in
  07/08-19:57 . 0514 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
  Modifying files at ETCDIR/params/* does not affect the behavior of DeleGate. DeleGate maintains those file just to detect the change of configuration parameters after the previous invocation. This p
srv manage: "Current mount list"
  07/08-21:15 . 0515  "Soletormos Csaba" <> [10]
  Hi All, I've mounted a few nntp servers onto the port eg. 119. When I look at the "localhost:119/-/manage/mount" url, the "current mount list" is empty. Why? I thought that delegate should show here
Using perl scripts via Delegated
  07/08-21:18 . 0516  "Soletormos Csaba" <> [10]
  Hi All, I've made some perl scripts which processes the delegated log files, and gives me useful summaries (traffic, users summary, site summary). I'd like to place them somewhere in Delegate's /bui
  07/09-10:43 . 0517 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  Built-in pages and icons can be replaced at run time by MOUNT option by whole or individually like: MOUNT="/-/builtin/* /your-customized/*" MOUNT="/-/builtin/path-of/xxxx.html /your-customized/path-
Are broken downloads stored in cache?
  07/13-04:19 . 0518  Soletormos Csaba <> [46]
  hi! Some ftp servers give me the following message after login: "This site can resume broken downloads." I am not an ftp-rfc expert:), but this ftp feature is unusable for a ftp-proxy? bye Sli On 03
Compile time errors
  07/15-04:44 . 0519  "Oliver 'Macperson' Kennedy" <> [33]
  I've downloaded a copy of your server, and I'm having some problems compiling it. When I try to compile, I get the following error icp.c: In function `icp_select': icp.c:842: Could not find a spill
Are broken downloads stored in cache?
  07/15-11:47 . 0520 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
  Maybe it means that the server supports RESTert command which is proposed in the draft of "extensions to FTP" (draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-07.txt). In short, it is the command which specifies the startin
Compile time errors
  07/15-11:53 . 0521 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Your compiler seems to be a quite rare one (what is it by the way?) which cause the problem (I've never heard about it). And the cause of the problem seems to be some bug which is internal to your c
  07/15-23:41 . 0522  "Oliver 'Macperson' Kennedy" <> [47]
  I am using the built in compiler in mkLinux. I know mk is ancient, but I need linux for an ancient PowerPC, so I have no choice. I can't remove line 842 because that is the close brace for the funct
Delegate configuration issues
  07/22-06:13 . 0523  "Lee, James" <> [16]
  07/22-09:34 . 0524 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
  There is a short tutorial on DeleGate which is expected to be read first by beginners <URL:> And some concrete examples in its manual may be helpful. <URL:ftp
DeleGate 5.9.3 binary for OS/2
  07/23-04:11 . 0525 [10]
  I see that there has been a bugfix released on 25 June 1999. Looking at the link for the OS/2 binary, I still see only 5.9.2 available. Is the corrected bug specific to Linux? Is an updated OS/2 bin
Sync error?
  07/23-17:19 . 0526 (Oliver Hertel) [13]
  Hiho! May be that delegate has an sync error when starting more than one 'get'-processes? I use delegate as filter for incoming web pages. Sometimes I get the banner image of a page on more that one
  07/23-17:39 . 0527 (Yutaka Sato) [142]
  Hi, The problem might be caused by a temporary file (for response message) which is accidentally shared among DeleGate processes. I've fixed the bug in DeleGate/6.0.0 which will be released by the e
Delegate and ICQ
  07/27-15:34 . 0528  "Allan Rafuse" <> [13]
  Is it possible to have my Win98 machine use Delegate (Linux/gatway) machine to use ICQ as a proxy server?? Thanks for any help or ideas! -Allan Allan Rafuse
Delegate 5.9.3 for Solaris 2.6 and Linux 2.2.x
  07/28-22:04 . 0529  Oliver Hertel <> [12]
  Hi! Is there a 5.9.3 (including the temp-file patch) binary for Solaris 2.6 around? I cannot compile it here ("Something wrong in Libraries" Kernel 2.2.10). Ciao, Oliver Hertel http://www.tu-darmsta
  07/29-00:14 . 0530 (Yutaka Sato) [53]
  It seems that you are looking a message like follows, is this true? -- checking CC = cc -- checking CFLAGS = -O -- checking LDLIBS = ../lib/libresolvy.a ../lib/libteleport.a ../lib/libmd5.a ../lib/l
delegate compile problems
  07/29-21:08 . 0531  =?iso-8859-1?q?Peter=20Hoeg?= <> [16]
  Hi, As from what I could read on I'm not the only one experiencing severe problems with Delegate when trying to compile it. Appearantly, the declarations of some macros make the com
Delegate 5.9.3 for Solaris 2.6 and Linux 2.2.x
  07/30-07:22 . 0532 (Oliver Hertel) [23]
  Hiho! Ah, works now. I tried to compile it for Solaris 2.6, but there still were some Linux output files present, so these were not recognized as Solaris files. After removing them and trying again
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