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[DeleGate-En] I want to make DeleGate alpine package and offer it to alpinelinux team
27 Jul 2012 00:38:02 GMT Han-gil Lee <>


First, I really want to say thank you for DeleGate.
Last year I install it in AlpineLinux and use it until now. But when I
installed it in AlpineLinux, I knew that below two lines are added to
fpoll.h because AlpineLinux use uClib instead of glibc.

*#elif defined(__UCLIBC__)
#define READYCC(fp)    (fp->__bufread - fp->__bufpos)
So I modified it and build successfully. And I make a package for
AlpineLinux and keep it only for me. But now I wnat to this package is
added to AlpineLinux Official Repository. If you allow do that, I will send
this package to AlpineLinux Team.

Thanks again and I will wait your reply.

1. Sorry about my poor English.
2. I attached patch file for build DeleGate under uClibc.


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