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[DeleGate-En] Fwd: LDAP proxy with search filter
06 Feb 2012 06:40:48 GMT "Sunil S" <>

Dear Yutaka,
Request your attention to my earlier mail (below).  Could you tell me if it is possible to apply filters in a proxy ldap situation?

>>> Sunil S 2012-01-04 11:42 >>>
Dear Yutaka,
When I try to use delegate (9.9.7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command :
delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com ( ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com )"
The filter is NOT applied on the query.  If the client uses a filter that is passed through.  Is there a way to make delegate apply the specified filter in addition to what is requested by client?
I was expecting that the filter sent to back-end LDAP server would be &( (memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com) (client_specified_filter)).  Wireshark indicates that only the client specified filter is used.

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