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SSL encryption
  11/12-12:17 . 5000 [61]
___ Hi Yukata, this is exactly what I need. Thank you very much indeed. Best wishes, Ulrich ---Original Message--- From: (Yutaka Sato) Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:35:00 To: <feedback
HTTP Redirect Pass through
  11/13-12:50 . 5001  Ben Lake <> [39]
___ Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to pass HTTP redirects, coming from a proxied destination server, back to the client and not have DeleGate respond to them? The situation is as such: (192.168
Delegate 9.8.8 pre 18 - FTP/SFTP proxy and maximum password length
  11/16-10:01 . 5002  "Trigge, Graham" <> [128]
___ Yutaka san, Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to use the "-dG" option for a particular SFTP entry (instead of all connections) as the server in question has many entries and is in production
new important features for DeleGate
  12/07-16:29 . 5003 [32]
___ Hello ! Please, answer !!! Placeholder for your mailserver not report message too small (64 > 33) (in reply to end of DATA command)
Questions on Copyright, security and roadmap
  01/03-23:34 . 5004  =?iso-8859-1?Q?ADAMIAK_St=E9phane?= <> [125]
___ Dear Yutaka, First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year! Then few questions about Delegate: - do you plan to produce a new version to fix bugs, security holes, etc.? In other words, is
  01/04-12:20 . 5005 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ Hi, It's alive but is in hibernation. It will be awaken if a bug is found. It's "free for non-commercial use or for evaluation for commercial use". I did it in 2004 and think the problem is solved.
LDAP proxy with search filter
  01/04-15:43 . 5006  "Sunil S" <> [116]
___ Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to use delegate (9.9.7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command : delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_grou
Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to use delegate (9.9.7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command : delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com ( ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com )" The filter is NOT applied on the query. If the client uses a filter that is passed through. Is there a way to make delegate apply the specified filter in addition to what is requested by client? I was expecting that the filter sent to back-end LDAP server would be &( (memberOf=CN=my_group,ou=my_ou,DC=company,dc=com) (client_specified_filter)). Wireshark indicates that only the client specified filter is used. Regards Sunil
  01/23-16:19 . 5007  "Sunil S" <> [116]
___ Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to use delegate (9.9..7) as a filtering LDAP proxy with the command : delegated.exe -f -P389 SERVER="ldap://ldap_server/DC=company,DC=com?DN?sub?memberOf=CN=my_gro
Question about SOCKS-Proxy
  01/31-19:32 . 5008 [76]
___ Hi! I'm not able to get delegate working as I need it too... :-) Problem: In my company, we use a http-proxy with some sites blocking. I myself use putty as a socks-proxy ( to tunnel
  01/31-22:39 . 5009 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
___ Hi, "FORWARD" is applied to SOCKS connection so that you can establish a connection to a SOCKS server via an another proxy server. With your configuration, any connections to any servers, including
  01/31-23:12 . 5010 [136]
___ Hi, Yutaka, indeed this works! :-) Delegate is a great work! Thank you! Again greetings from Germany, Patrick Am schrieb Yutaka Sato <>:
delegate: socksmux doesn't work when running in background
  02/02-11:46 . 5011  Renaud Bompuis <> [114]
___ Hi, I am trying to make delegate work as a multiplexed SOCKS tunnel, as described here: Basically, I want to use 2 servers to relay proxy data efficie
  02/02-22:04 . 5012 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
___ Hi, I could reproduce the problem which seems a bug that have been introduced in 9.9.0-pre2. Unfortunately there seems no workaround by command options to escape the problem. A possible way to solve
  02/03-11:53 . 5013  Renaud Bompuis <> [68]
___ Hi Yutaka, thanks for the reply. I compiled delegate 9.9.8-pre20 but it doen's work in sockmux mode, I get this error message: (UNIX) 10:44:57.405 [11696] ## sox_connects: Not Available in the Sourc
  02/03-17:42 . 5014 (Yutaka Sato) [101]
___ Hi, Sorry, I'm reminded that SockMux is restricted in source code distributions after the DeleGate/9.8.6. You can use "-f" instead of "-v" to redirect the logging output to the logfile. The max. par
Fwd: LDAP proxy with search filter
  02/06-15:40 . 5015  "Sunil S" <> [137]
___ Dear Yutaka, Request your attention to my earlier mail (below). Could you tell me if it is possible to apply filters in a proxy ldap situation? Regards Sunil Dear Yutaka, Greetings! When I try to us
  02/06-17:16 . 5016 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ Hi, Mabe the answer is NO. As long as I remember, the implementation of LDAP in DeleGate is very simple one just to do proxying by switching a target LDAP server (with MOUNT parameters) for a baseOb
  02/06-17:44 . 5017  "Sunil S" <> [124]
___ Thanks, Yutaka! While the preferred tool is the Swiss Army Knife (delegate), we are currently working around the problem with OpenLDAP META back-end. Regards -- Sunil Hi, Mabe the answer is NO. As l
  03/01-03:24 . 5019  Marvin Tapessur <> [38]
___ Hi Yutaka, Quick question; if I configure "doepsv:sv" and EPSV is not supported on the connecting FTP server will it fall back to PASV? Hope to hear from you soon. Rgds, Marvin
  03/01-12:56 . 5020 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ Hi, No. I checked the implementation. It is manipulated in src/ftp.c:connectPASV() and but the fallback from EPSV to PASV is not cared. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato (CSDP,ITIL-F,OCUP-A,Security+,I
  03/01-21:34 . 5021  Marvin Tapessur <> [95]
___ Hi, Issue I have is that I'm connecting to a FTP server that's using NAT. Using PASV the FTP server responds back with it internal IP that my client can't connect too. Anyway we can get around this
  03/10-00:13 . 5022  Marvin Tapessur <> [95]
___ Hi, Issue I have is that I'm connecting to a FTP server that's using NAT. Using PASV the FTP server responds back with it internal IP that my client can't connect too. Anyway we can get around this
Delegate rewriting of Set-Cookie domain
  03/13-05:05 . 5023  <> [19]
___ I'm running into an issue with delegate where a cookie being set by the proxied webservice is being rewritten from a high level domain (e.g. to the proxied hostname (e.g.
  03/13-21:32 . 5024 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
___ Hi, Your configuration with the URICONV parameter is right and should work like you expected. The enclosed patch will fix the problem. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato (CSDP,ITIL-F,OCUP-A,Security+,IS
I can't compile delegate source under ubuntu server 11.04
  03/22-14:52 . 5025  =?GB2312?B?zfWzyQ==?= <> [20]
___ I install g++,gcc , build-essential make,automake on ubuntu server, but when I do command "make" but made some errors like this: KDnsCache:getList... and 'strlen' not declare ... can you help me? ho
DeleGate Proxy forwarding
  03/28-01:22 . 5026  "Gary Burch" <> [92]
___ Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with an unusual setup of DeleGate. I would like to configure it to forward all requests it receives onto an upstream proxy, and to always use a specific u
  03/28-18:34 . 5027 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ Hi, I don't think your usage is unusual and I can test it as follows: delegated -P9999 -fv SERVER=http AUTHORIZER="-list{u:p}" delegated -P9998 -fv SERVER=http PROXY=localhost:9999 MYAUTH="u:p:http-
  03/29-03:17 . 5028  "Gary Burch" <> [275]
___ Hi, Many thanks for your time, but I still seem to be doing something wrong. I've initialised delegate with: dg9_9_7.exe -P888 -fv SERVER=http MYAUTH="GB-HOME\pbtest:Pa
  03/29-14:40 . 5029 (Yutaka Sato) [64]
___ Hi, I don't know the reason but it should be indicated in the HTTP messages between your proxy and your upstream proxy. You can show the headers in your log output of your proxy by adding the follow
  03/30-04:14 . 5030  "Gary Burch" <> [86]
___ Hi Yutaka, With your help, I now have the DeleGate proxy working. The problem was that the upsteam proxy accepts connections from the client subnet only, and the DeleGate proxy was installed on a se
FTP-SFTP gateway issues
  04/03-12:14 . 5031  Graham Trigge <> [136]
___ Good afternoon Yutaka-san, SFTP server which I am hoping you can help me to diagnose/fix. I have around 30 MOUNT stanzas in my configuration with all other links working correctly. If I attempt to
Delegated 9.9.7: issue with tcprelay filters and persistent connections?
  04/16-16:22 . 5032  Chaks Chigurupati <> [66]
___ Hi Yutaka-san, I am evaluating delegated 9.9.7 and have been noticing a peculiar problem for some time now. I have installed FTOSV filter in the following way: delegated -P4000 SERVER=https RELAY=vh
Delegate: Max. Sessions per User
  05/02-08:17 . 5033  "Andreas Stecher" <> [110]
___ Dear Yutaka, I have tested latest version of Delegate using it as an NNTP Proxy, everything OK on first tests so far and it's very fast! But I do have one problem. I have searched for a simple solut
Problems resolving host names using http-sp
  05/24-21:37 . 5034  "Busch, Jannis" <> [424]
___ Hi Yutaka, First of all I would like to thank you fort he great job you are doing with delegate. I am using delegate since 2007 (the http proxy server) and last week I tried to change from the http
Add current date in filenames
  06/13-23:53 . 5035  "VAN LIER Vincent" <> [65]
___ Hello, I use DeleGate as FTP proxy. The FTP client is uploading a file everyday. The file content change everyday and I would like to keep history. So I was wondering if it's possible with MOUNT to
Configuring Delegate
  06/29-07:03 . 5036  Levi Stanley <> [15]
___ Currently, I am using this: delegated -v -P81 RELAY="delegate,proxy" PERMIT="*:*:*" URICONV="where:any" CMAP="sslway:FSV:https:*" ADMIN="levi@eneservices.." It has been working great. However, havin
close data connection because of error
  07/02-19:23 . 5037  Aaron Wookey <> [173]
___ Hello I am using DeleGate/9.9.8 and all has been ok. However when i add a new site I get the following issue. I the fto client log i try and put a file Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (172,19,50
Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy?
  07/05-04:01 . 5038  Enda <> [46]
___ Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy? -Enda P.S. (that is, I am using a program that requires a SOCKS proxy server, but I only have a HTTP proxy server. The
Multiplex TCP ccts via SOCKMUX
  07/12-09:50 . 5039  Ken <> [34]
___ I have succeeded in getting a SOCKMUX tunnel working for 1 TCP connection with this: Sending end Delegate conf: SERVER=sockmux:// PORT=5001 Receiving end: SERVER=sockm
Delegate license and Serva
  07/25-18:38 . 5040  Patrick Masotta <> [15]
___ Hi I'm Serva's coder I'd like to add a proxy module to Serva. Is there any way you could consider releasing Delegate under a MI
I want to make DeleGate alpine package and offer it to alpinelinux team
  07/27-09:38 . 5041  Han-gil Lee <> [64]
___ Hello. First, I really want to say thank you for DeleGate. Last year I install it in AlpineLinux and use it until now. But when I installed it in AlpineLinux, I knew that below two lines are added t
Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy?
  08/23-01:43 . 5042  Enda <> [4]
___ dg9_9_7 -P1080 SERVER=socks MASTER=proxy:8080 ADMIN=admin@localhost does not work.
test of SMTPGATE on cloudapp
  04/25-16:41 . 5043  Yutaka Sato DG <> [12]
___ DeleGate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  04/27-23:48 . 5044  Marvin Tapessur <> [68]
___ Hi We have a dispute with one of our trading partners that claim that they haven't received some of the files we sent to them. We use delegate as our FTP proxy. When I check the xferlog I see the fo
MOUNT Condition referer
  04/27-23:50 . 5045  Jens-Erik Hansen <> [17]
___ Hi, delegate is a great tool for special tasks. I know delegate for several years although I've no advanced delegate knowledge. Is there a way to match for the http referer in a MOUNT condition? I h
  04/27-23:54 . 5046  Ken Maynard <> [124]
___ Delighted to hear it! Delegate is alive and well on our school server, and on my home one. No problems! Regards Ken Ken Maynard, 83 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton, NZ 8082 (
DeleGate 9.9.7 on same port numbers but different protocols
  04/27-23:54 . 5047  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Nacho_Pe=F1afiel?= <> [171]
___ Hi. Im configuring DeleGate to work as a port forwarder on a Windows machine, but Im having trouble installing the service for the same port but different protocols (TCP and UDP): delegated.exe P2
  04/27-23:54 . 5048  Ken Maynard <> [7]
___ Are you still developing Delegate? Ken Maynard, 83 Canterbury Street, Lyttelton, NZ 8082 ( Tel: (00) 000 0002 Fax: (00) 000 0002 Mobile: 000 000 00X +00 0 0
MOUNT Condition referer
  04/27-23:54 . 5049  Jens-Erik Hansen <> [20]
___ Hi, I was blind - qmatch works here. Am 12/03/13 23:56, schrieb Jens-Erik Hansen: Thank you very much. Jens
Question: old program
  04/27-23:54 . 5050  Gregory Loan <> [26]
___ Hi, I have an old program that checks an email inbox via pop but can only use port 110, and 25. Since my email account uses ports 465 and 995, it fails. Can I use Delegate to allow this program to c
  04/27-23:54 . 5051  Jens-Erik Hansen <> [18]
___ Hello Yutaka, searching the mail archives I noticed the following problem: Cannot Connect Connection to the target server failed. The server host ysimac seems unreachable from this dele
Delegate question
  04/27-23:54 . 5052  <> [30]
___ Dear Sato-san, while looking for a certain solution I found your Delegate project web site.. It looks promising. A first question from my side would be, is there still some development or is the pro
How to run delegate as transparent FTP proxying
  04/27-23:54 . 5053  "Ashutosh Singh" <> [30]
___ Hi Delegate,I wanted to know if it is possible to run delegate as transparent FTP proxy, if yes, does it require any kernel recompilation/support. kindly reply.Thank you.With Regards, Ashutosh.Get Y
Problems building delegate9.9.8-pre20
  04/27-23:54 . 5054  Alan Burlison <> [25]
___ Hi, I'm trying to build delegate9.9.8-pre20 with gcc 4.7.3 and am hitting the following error: unix.c: In function 訴nt system(const char*): unix.c:162:22: error: 訴nt system(const char*) conflict
Troubleshooting guide section in the works ??
  04/27-23:54 . 5055  Christopher Thompson <> [198]
___ Hi I work for IBM. Your effort has produced a very fine product - capable but complex. Just given a problem with Solaris 9 - delegated worked on it a while back. They upgraded to Solaris 10 - delega
Issue with delegate FORWARD and protoList - filter by dest port not working
  04/27-23:54 . 5056  Harakiri <> [12]
___ Hi, im trying to relay LDAP connections to another HTTP Proxy via CONNECT - this works fine. e.g. delegate is a socks server and i use FORWARD="ssltunnel://user:pass@somehwere..:3128-_-*:*:*" Howeve
delegate ftp proxy srcip
  04/27-23:54 . 5057  Andreas Muerdter <> [65]
___ Hello Yutaka, thanks for the great proxy delegate. I use delegate as a ftp proxy an I try to bind the src interface to a IP. If I do that, ftp-cli is working but no ftp-data. I tried with SRCIF="1.2
test to
  04/28-00:44 . 5058  Yutaka Sato DG <> [12]
___ DeleGate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Can not make from source : undefined reference to `forkpty'
  05/01-14:03 . 5059  XiaokangWang <> [77]
___ It seems that it have -lutil in arg but still not working. $make rm srcsign.o sh rm: cannot remove `maker/.cksum.p2lla.c': No such file or directory rm: cannot remove `maker/.cksum.p2ll
  05/01-20:50 . 5060  Yutaka Sato DG <> [206]
___ Hi, I uploaded DeleGate/9.9.8-pre23 as "". Please try it. Yutaka 2014-05-01 14:03 GMT+09:00 XiaokangWang <
Can not make from source : undefined reference to `forkpty' (Solution found)
  05/03-23:31 . 5061  XiaokangWang <> [121]
___ The problem was solved already. After a deeper googleing, and spent more time on this issue, I've found a fix for this. I don't actually know how it actually fixed through, but seems that some other
DeleGate/9.9.8 (STABLE) -- fixes and extensions especially around FTP
  05/12-16:49 . 5062 (Yutaka Sato) [123]
___ Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: DeleGate/9.9.8 (STABLE) -- fixes and extensions especially around FTP This release includes many fixes and exte
DeleGate/9.9.9-pre1 (STABLE) -- smoother SSLtunnel
  05/19-02:30 . 5063 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
___ I uploaded DeleGate/9.9.9-pre1 STABLE that includes modifications to make the SSLtunnel of DeleGate smoother. Since 9.9.8 STABLE, I'm doing the development of DeleGate on a virtual machine (running
  05/22-14:59 . 5064  Yutaka Sato DG <> [48]
___ Ken, I'm back (for a while) feeling so happy playing DeleGate :-) Yutaka 2014-04-27 23:54 GMT+09:00 <>:
  05/22-16:30 . 5065  Yutaka Sato DG <> [143]
___ Ken, Any feedback on DeleGate is expected to be shared in the open forum as long as it does not contain secret information (as your mail does not, I think). So I'm sending this reply message to the
How to reply to an article in the DeleGate forum
  05/22-17:17 . 5066 (Yutaka Sato) [75]
___ In this article, I write a guide for you to send a feedback message to the forum (to be shared among users and the developer of DeleGate) STATE There are open forums for DeleGate available at DeleGa
delegate ftp proxy srcip
  05/31-19:58 . 5067  Yutaka Sato DG <> [241]
___ Andreas, Although it is not clear why you need to specify SRCIF, I tested it in a typical situation, binding the source interface of PASV connection to the destination server. It seems working, as f
Can not make from source : undefined reference to `forkpty' (Solution found)
  05/31-22:05 . 5068 (Yutaka Sato) [164]
___ Hi, The patch you showed is not a solution but a workaround. It simply makes the compilation of "_-forkpty.c" fail because of inavailability of the header file "<util.h>" on Ubuntu. $ ls -l /usr/inc
  06/01-03:31 . 5069 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
___ Hi, Many of services provided from DeleGate.ORG had been stoped because of crashed iMac (of around 2004) which were the host machine of those services including search engine (FreyaSX), mailing-list
DeleGate 9.9.7 on same port numbers but different protocols
  06/01-10:32 . 5070 (Yutaka Sato) [62]
___ Hi Nacho, Thank you for your helpful feedback. Oh, you are almost the master of DeleGate on Windows !! It should be because your trick does not work when you really need to specify the same interfac
Can Delegate be a SOCKS proxy server program that supports a HTTP parent proxy?
  06/01-11:33 . 5071 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
___ Hi, It should be as: dg9_9_7 -P1080 SERVER=socks SSLTUNNEL=proxy:8080 ADMIN=admin@localhost SSLTUNNEL specifies an upstream HTTP proxy to be used as a SSLtunnel. See <URL:
Error running : ERROR: can't link the SSL/Crypto library.
  06/02-09:54 . 5072  Albert Kam <> [425]
___ Hi ! I've successfully installed delegated into my system. The attached file is the output of the installation process. But when running it like this : delegated -P3129 SERVER=http SOCKS=localhost:9
  06/02-13:17 . 5073 (Yutaka Sato) [86]
___ Hi Albert, Thank you for your note which reminded me that I made workaround myself about dynamic linking of OpenSSL on Ubuntu without solving the root cause. My workaround was putting OpenSSL0.9.8 d
  06/02-15:12 . 5074  Albert Kam <> [244]
___ Dear Yutaka, Thanks for the clarifications and the patch ! Cheers from Jakarta, Albert Do not pursue the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. The past no longer is. The future has not yet come.
For whom do not want being a super-user for DeleGate
  06/02-18:07 . 5075 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ Indeed I hate being a super-user to run DeleGate and expect you also feel like me. At least it is tiresome to type "sudo" every time I invoke DeleGate to let it use privileged ports. You may think y
Question: old program
  06/02-20:00 . 5076 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
___ Hi, There seem many programs to be used to relay from non-SSL clients to a SSL server and you may be using one of them. With DeleGate, it is done as the following commands: delegated -P25 SERVER=smt
Problems building delegate9.9.8-pre20
  06/02-20:36 . 5077 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
___ Hi Alan, Although I don't remember, it seems that I fixed the problem in DeleGate/9.9.8-pre29. The change log says: [CHANGES] 9.9.8 fix-140512a {unix,_-system,__system}.c: compilation on Solaris11 (
How to run delegate as transparent FTP proxying
  06/02-21:01 . 5078 (Yutaka Sato) [28]
___ Hi, Although I don't remember, it seems possible based on the SO_ORIGINAL_DST option of Socket. The change log of DeleGate says: [CHANGES] 9.8.2 080321 new {delegated,service,httpd}.c: transparent p
Issue with delegate FORWARD and protoList - filter by dest port not working
  06/03-00:59 . 5079 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ Hi, This works if the client send a HTTP request as "GET ldap://server/..." but it seems not likely. This specifies the protocol name "389" which is not understood. It should be one of followings: F
  06/03-18:56 . 5080 (Yutaka Sato) [62]
___ Hi Marvin, Maybe, but you should check your LOGFILE (if you are not suppressing it) whether of not there are lines recording something unusual around the transfer. If you can't interpret it, someone
Problems building delegate9.9.8-pre20
  06/06-06:15 . 5081  Alan Burlison <> [26]
___ Yes, it now compiles cleanly, thanks :-) I think you are right, since upgrading to 9.9.9-pre1 all my problems with facebook, google+ and gmail seem to have gone away. Thank you so much :-) Alan Burl
A way to see the parameters of currently running DeleGate
  06/06-10:43 . 5082 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Hi Nacho, I'm reminded that there is a platform independent way to see the configuraiton parameters of the currently running DeleGate. It is a text file at DGROOT/etc/params/${PORT} and it shows the
  06/06-16:53 . 5083  =?iso-8859-1?Q?Nacho_Pe=F1afiel?= <> [59]
___ Hi Yutaka. Thanks for your kind answers. I'd like to satate that haven't run on any trouble since I installed DeleGate. It's working flawlesly and it's also very reliable, so I'm very glad. Thanks f
DeleGate/9.9.9-pre2 (STABLE) -- linking with OpenSSL-1.X and other fixes
  06/10-02:00 . 5084 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ I uploaded DeleGate/9.9.9-pre2 STABLE that includes a modification to make DeleGate linkable with OpenSSL-1.X. It also includes several fixes about basic functionalities of DeleGate. SSL (linking wi
A way to see the parameters of currently running DeleGate
  06/11-09:40 . 5085 (Yutaka Sato) [103]
___ Hi Nacho, I released 9.9.9-pre2 that partially solved the ToDos reflecting your request. Your configuration above is simple and natural, but it needs to change the default service name based on whic
question please help
  06/16-00:05 . 5086  Milos Stojanovic <> [692]
___ Hello. I used DeleGate as proxy between Squid http proxy and tor socks. It was simply accepting connection from Squid and forwarding it to Tor, all installed on centos on same VPS. This worked just
  06/16-00:09 . 5087  Poorya Sheikholeslami <> [19]
___ Hi, i have a problem about loging on MITM. i cant find log about my clients. thanks for read
  06/16-00:15 . 5088  =?GB2312?B?wfXSu8/2?= <> [51]
___ Greetings I'm now trying to use Delegate to make my own VPS a transparent HTTP proxy. The OS is CentOS 5.9 and I'm using DeleGate/9.9.6. I¨ve already tried ^delegated -P__0:1234 SERVER=http MOUNT="
DeleGate/9.9.9 (STABLE) -- fixes around SSL
  06/16-02:13 . 5089 (Yutaka Sato) [52]
___ Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: DeleGate/9.9.9 (STABLE) -- fixes around SSL This release includes fixes and extensions especially around SSL. U
DeleGate/9.9.10-pre1 (STABLE) -- fixes around yysh
  07/01-19:18 . 5090 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
___ I uploaded DeleGate/9.9.10-pre1 STABLE that includes modifications to make "yysh", the remote login shell of DeleGate, work well. First of all, the yysh server has not been working on Windows since
DeleGate/9.9.10-pre2 (STABLE) -- fix for HTTP proxy chaining
  07/18-00:12 . 5091 (Yutaka Sato) [44]
___ DeleGate/9.9.10-pre2 STABLE(beta) is released including a fix to enable a HTTP-DeleGate proxy, chained to upstream proxy, can forward non-HTTP protocols (HTTPS/SSL, FTP, etc) as well as HTTP. HTTP (
DeleGate/9.9.10-pre3 (STABLE) -- real fix of -pre2
  07/21-01:59 . 5092 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
___ DeleGate/9.9.10-pre3 STABLE(beta) is released just to really include the following modification that must be in 9.9.10-pre2 but not. This modification was confirmed to be effective to solve the froz
How to automatically delete and recreate service
  07/21-10:53 . 5093  Joel Pearson <> [104]
___ Hi, Thanks for creating delegate, I really like it, so lightweight, yet functional. It's like a Swiss Army knife! Once a month when I change my upstream proxy password I have to recreate my DeleGate
  07/21-11:19 . 5094 (Yutaka Sato) [91]
___ Hi Joel, Yes we can do it with the SERVCONF="yesall" option in DeleGate/9.9.9 or later. The output on the console is as below. Cheers from Japan, Yutaka ... testing ports to be used [9999] ... === H
  07/21-12:23 . 5095  Joel Pearson <> [271]
___ Hi Yutaka, Thanks for your response, I did discover this not long after I emailed you when I upgraded to 9.9.10 and saw the message when I ran delegate. Thanks for the update to delegate, I thought
  07/21-13:01 . 5096 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ Joel, It's nice to move to 9.9.10 because there has been several problems in former versions of DeleGate especially in using it as a HTTP proxy to forward to another proxy and a SSL-tunneling proxy.
DeleGate/9.9.10 (STABLE) -- fixes around chained HTTP and HTTPS proxy
  07/21-23:47 . 5097 (Yutaka Sato) [83]
___ Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: DeleGate/9.9.10 (STABLE) -- fixes around chained HTTP and HTTPS proxy July 21, 2014 This release includes a fix
DeleGate/9.9.11-pre1 (STABLE/beta) -- fixes on MOUNT (for HTTP reverse proxy)
  07/28-01:41 . 5098 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
___ DeleGate/9.9.11-pre1 STABLE(beta) is released including fixes about the MOUNT parameter to realize HTTP reverse proxy and HTTP origin server with CGI and SSI. HTTP (URL-path based reverse proxy and
DeleGate/9.9.11-pre2 (STABLE/beta) -- HTML part filter and SSI
  08/07-21:36 . 5099 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ DeleGate/9.9.11-pre2 STABLE(beta) is released including modification about HTML filter and SSI. HTML filter (HTML part extraction filter) - Extended the HTML part filter to copy META and STYLE tags
MAC Address Filtering
  08/11-15:20 . 5100  Greg Deward <> [32]
___ We need to drop or allow packets based on several rules INCLUDING the client MAC address. Is this possible? Specifically, we require any combination of the following: - Client MAC Address (specific
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