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GUI Windows FTP Client
  06/08-23:36 . 0490  "Steve Shockley" <> [37]
___ I can get this to work if I run a separate DELEGATE process just for the FTP, but if I try to use my "regular" DeleGate process on port 80, it doesn't work. My command line is: start "DeleGate Proxy
Not working: DeleGate as a http proxy which make a bare HTTP cli ent be a HTTPS/SSL client
  06/11-02:36 . 0491  "Eichert, Diana" <> [78]
___ First, thankyou for work you have done on delegate. I run the following command as suggested on the Delegate SSL page to allow DeleGate as a http proxy which make a bare HTTP client be a HTTPS/SSL c
  06/11-05:04 . 0492 (Yutaka Sato) [53]
___ It should be requested by the bare HTTP client connecting to DeleGate (which is acting as a proxy server of HTTP in your example) Ancient NCSA-Mosaic is one of such bare HTTP clients which utilizes
  06/11-06:00 . 0493  "Eichert, Diana" <> [47]
___ Hello Thanks for the information. Exactly what I needed. I am writing some Perl scripts using Net::SSLeay to test response times from various secure servers at work. Some of the servers are on the i
  06/11-13:27 . 0494 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
___ Sorry but still I don't understand your situation. 1. You have a HTTPS/SSL client written in Perl 2. You have a HTTP proxy server on your firewall If these are true, I think the easiest way to pass
GUI Windows FTP Client
  06/11-15:34 . 0495 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ Without a SERVER parameter, DeleGate works as a HTTP proxy (like with SERVER=http). "HTTP proxy" is a proxy which talks with its clients in HTTP protocol. Thus you cannot use a HTTP proxy for FTP cl
Compile problems
  06/12-01:04 . 0496  Jurijs Turjanskis <> [31]
___ When I compile Delegate 5.9.2 on RedHat 6.0 I receive following error: make[4]: Entering directory `/usr/src/delegate5.9.2/teleport' gcc -O&nbsp; -I../include&nbsp; -c teleport.c gcc -O&nbsp; -I../i
GUI Windows FTP Client
  06/12-05:47 . 0497  "Steve Shockley" <> [32]
___ Really? I'm able to access FTP sites through a web browser using this DeleGate command line (i.e. does that use a different method? --- Original Message --- From: Yutaka Sato
  06/16-07:41 . 0498  Oliver Hertel <> [16]
___ Hi Can someone tell me how to call delegate, when it should filter incoming text/html via perl? delegated -v -P8080 CACHE=no SERVER=http CMAP="FTOCL:filter.cmd:http:*:*" PERMIT="http:*:*" REMITTABLE
A functionnality of delegate ?
  06/16-08:04 . 0499  Oliver Hertel <> [18]
___ Hi! [...] Ist there a better/faster way? Ciao, Oliver Hertel Internet www
  06/16-08:26 . 0500  Oliver Hertel <> [43]
___ Hi! Another question: how can i avoid the filtering of the header of a http packet? I only want to filter the html text, nothing more... Actually it looks like this: delegated.exe -v -P8181 CACHE=no
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