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[DeleGate-En] Problem with Delegate 9_9_7
19 Aug 2010 19:42:07 GMT Bob Cowie <>


We use Delegate at a school as an HTTP/HTTPS cache, on Windows Server 
2008.  Until this week, we used version 9_9_0, and things worked 
really well.  Then we upgraded to version 9_9_7.

Since upgrading, we have found our server to be running many Delegate 
instances (up to 30 at one time).  The instances do not seem to 
expire as rapidly and also use more CPU time (typically 3% to 5% 

With version 9_9_0, the instances expired very quickly and there was 
not a problem with saturating the processor.

Would you have any advice for us on this problem?  Should we roll 
back to 9_9_0, or are there changes we can make to version 9_9_7?




   Bob Cowie
   The Advent Corporation

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