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Ignoring MOUNT DNS lookup errors
  01/20-09:53 . 4730  "Trigge, Graham" <> [59]
___ Yutaka, Thanks for the feedback. We are running Solaris 9, Delegate 9.7.7. Even when just starting and stopping the process we have the same problem if the fully qualified domain names are not resol
changing name of stdout.log
  01/20-17:48 . 4731  Stefan Demmig <> [126]
___ Dear Yutaka, since you are not sure, that the CRON mechanism works with Windows, I wrote a litte VB script, which should do the job. I let it run every night. It deletes old files and empty folders:
Questions/Problems with Clustering
  01/28-10:47 . 4732  David Lightman <> [217]
___ Hello! First let me say "Thank you!" for an excellent piece of software! I have used it personally to tunnel and proxy my personal webtraffic for almost two years now. I am trying to use it for some
Log file
  01/30-04:42 . 4733 [8]
___ Does Delegate have a log? I'm using it as a cache proxy, and I'd like to have a file contaning every http's request made to my proxy. Thank you. Luiz Silva
Delegate problem on SIGTERM to child
  02/03-00:02 . 4735  carine castillon <> [20]
___ Hi, I'm using delegate 9.9.6 for telnet connection. I'm connecting (with telnet) to a remote host, and after few minues without using the session, I receive a Timeout from the remote host. The conne
errors when URL is very long
  02/03-23:53 . 4736  chris <> [28]
___ Hi all, I am using DeleGate as MITM proxy in order to inspect HTTPS connections, using the following command: delegated -r -P8042 ADMIN=root SERVER= STLS=mitm This works fine in most
Http -> Ftp server return 450 Non-existing
  02/05-00:25 . 4737  "Mathieu Pasture" <> [232]
___ Hello I am trying to to provide a http front-end to a ftp(s) server. I have done quite a lot of trial but basically here is the command line I use: delegated -fv -P2229 SERVER=http OWNER="nobody/nog
  02/05-06:20 . 4738  "Mathieu Pasture" <> [124]
___ Hello, Sometimes things are frustrating . guess what, the file did not exist in the underlying ftp server. So forget about my question. Thanks again for delegate Mathieu
working static analysis tools for delagate
  02/18-06:39 . 4739  "asr321" <> [24]
___ Hello, I am new to usage of this delegate proxy server.I have to do a small project on delagate to find bugs by using static analysis tools.May i know the working static analysis tools(freeware)for
Delegate problem on SIGTERM to child
  03/02-14:51 . 4740 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ In general, DeleGate timeouts if there is no communication on the connections from the client or the server. It is controled by the parameter "TIMEOUT=io:T" and the default value is "TIMEOUT=io:600s
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