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[DeleGate-En] How to change POP/HTTP appearance, Configuration
19 May 1999 13:01:24 GMT Holger Kipp <>

Dear Sir,

I am planning to use delegate as an external HTTP-Frontend for our 
internal mailserver, so our employees can access their mail via 
the Internet (using 128bit SSL of course). Example:

  Client (C) ------------------>    External Server (E)
eg Netscape     SSL 128 bit           delegated
                Internet              on port 8080

                                         |  encrypted
                                         |  transmission

    Internal Server (I)    POP       Firewall (F)
        POP3            <---------    delegated
                         Internal     on port xxxx

I need SSL in place before transmitting any pop usernames or
passwords (eg within the URL). (E) also runs apache on port 80.
Servers all run FreeBSD 2.2.8

I'd also like to change the appearance of the pop web pages so they fit
well with our corporate identity (which is still in the works anyway).
I only had a quick glance at the program and so far it looks like I
have to recompile everything with new icons - or can I just add my
own icons and reconfigure the web-pages? If so, what files do I have
to look at specificly?

Every little help is appreciated :-)


PS: Thanx a lot for delegate, it is one of the best things since
    sliced bread.

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