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[DeleGate-En] Compile problems
19 May 1999 10:18:37 GMT "Bjrn Sllarp" <>

I'm having problems compile delegate on my RedHat Linux 6.0 computer. If I 
just write "make" I get the message
saying that i should write make PATH=".:$PATH" or something like
that.. and when I write exactly like it says (cut and paste) it doesn't
work.. It compiles some but when I enter the src dir and try to start
with the command ./delegated he says no such program or something like
that. I also tryed compile with CC=gcc but nothing helps.. Why is it
ike this?? Is it impossible to compile your program in linux or am I
makeing something wrong??
Why don't u use the normal ./configure , make , make install way of
compileing, that way is much easyer.. Pls help me, I really want to
compile delegate!

/ Bjrn Sllarp *SWEDEN*

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