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[DeleGate-En] Thanks for prev help. #### ERROR: IMMATURE REQUEST BODY (0/3984)
19 May 1999 07:27:33 GMT Stanley Hoprcroft <>

Dear Sir,

I am writing to thank you for your gracious answers to my problems with
1024 bit RSA keys and CANNOT FORK messages.

I realise now that problem 1 is a message from SSLeay - it has nothing to
do with DeleGate and problem 2 likewise is Unix.

Your advice is sound: in ensuring that the processing needing large
resource limits don't share the same user-id. I have temporarily worked
around with the FreeBSD limits command in the start-up script (vi).

My problem now is that DeleGate 5.9.1/FreeBSD 2.2.8-STABLE/SSLeay
seems to only intermittently proxy requests. When it fails the log

05/19 15:36:48.43 [8962] 780+0: rewritten Referer: http://external/tm_e_filing/t
05/19 15:36:48.44 [8962] 780+0: ConnectToServer connected [13] { <
-} [0.001s]
05/19 15:36:48.44 [8962] 780+0: HTTP => (external:80) POST /tm_e_filing/ap_cgi/u HTTP/1.0^M
05/19 15:36:49.53 [8962] 780+0: #### ERROR: IMMATURE REQUEST BODY (0/3984)
05/19 15:41:51.10 [8962] 780+0: HTTP realy_response: EOF at start
05/19 15:41:51.10 [8962] 780+0/1: HCKA:[1] closed -- M:Method is ``POST'' cpid=[
## SSLway[8964]( done

This in tunr comes from perhaps 

nready = frPollIn(fc,1000)) <= 0 in http.c.

It works some times but not all times. There is no sign on a tcpdump of
http activity to //external (where the request should be proxied).

Here is the delegate config :-

eval `limits -e -C daemon`
$HERE/src/delegated \ \
        RELIABLE="*" \
        DGROOT=/usr/local/delegate \
        SERVER=https \
        MOUNT="/* http://external/*" \
        FCL="$HERE/filters/sslway -ac"

Your help as always is appreciated. 

Thank you,

Yours sincerely

S Hopcroft
IP Australia

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