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match for X-Request
  07/01-03:07 . 4496  Jens-Erik Hansen <> [34]
  Hello Yutaka, I currently try to match for X-Request or X-Request-Original in an xml-secure stream. A very basic CFI-script like this one: Header-Filter: -tee-n-v /dev/tty shows the following result
  07/01-12:29 . 4497 (Yutaka Sato) [47]
  Hi Jens, You are right. Selecting a FTOCL filter over HTTP with CFI's "X-Request" condition has been disabled since 9.2.3-pre4, in which conditional CFI for FTOCL was modified to reduce the overhead
  07/01-21:51 . 4498  Jens-Erik Hansen <> [64]
  Hello Yutaka, thank you very much for your reply. Today I tried delegate 9.9.4-pre9 and I made some extraordinary experiences trying to accomplish my task which leads me to the assumption that I mad
  07/03-03:33 . 4499 (Yutaka Sato) [89]
  Hi Jens, The following test works with 9.9.4-pre9 but not work with 9.9.4-pre8. [url.cfi] X-Request-URL: /test/test.txt Header-Filter: -tee-n-v ---(1) without SSL [server] delegated -P9999 -fv SERVE
DeleGate: question regarding the PROTOLOG parameters
  07/03-22:38 . 4500  "Kopplinger, Andreas" <> [81]
  Yutaka Sato, I have a question regarding the PROTOLOG parameters. At the moment, the startscript contains the following: PROTOLOG='${LOGDIR}/Protolog_${PORT}.${PROTO}[date+.%d]' It would like to use
  07/04-07:58 . 4501 (Yutaka Sato) [56]
  Hi, The quote <'> and double quote <"> does not have meaning and unnecessary to represent a parameter value in DeleGate. It just necessary when you pass a parameter to DeleGate via your command shel
  07/05-03:23 . 4502  "Kopplinger, Andreas" <> [181]
  Hi, thank you for the fast reply! With ":format" and "%{field}", i am refering to the following part of the DeleGate Manpages. I would like to add some of these parameters to PROTOLOG='${LOGDIR}/Pro
  07/05-08:00 . 4503 (Yutaka Sato) [38]
  Hi, For example, you can put a log line of the common logfile format extended with Referer, User-Agent and Via fields with DeleGate's extension as this: PROTOLOG=':%X "%{Via}" %D' Of course you can
  07/06-16:20 . 4504  "Kopplinger, Andreas" <> [175]
  Hi, Thank you very much for your answer, this helped a lot! Kind regards Andreas ---Original Message--- From: Yutaka Sato [] Sent: Sun 7/5/2009 01:00 To: feedback@delegat
Data connection refused, but data is forwarded
  07/09-21:43 . 4505  "Gusti Benawi" <> [46]
  Hello, I configured delegate to act as reverse proxy. FTPServer <---> Delegate <---> Internet Delegate takes exactly 20 seconds every time to build the data connection in passive mode. This 20 secon
  07/09-22:14 . 4506 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
  Hi, If it is normal as you expected, why don't you suppress PASV toward server by FTPCONF="nopasv:sv" ? Or you should stop the retrial and shorten the timeout with other configuration parameters. I'
  07/09-22:25 . 4507  "Gusti Benawi" <> [27]
  To shorten the timeout I can use TIMEOUT=con:seconds parameter. How can I stop the retrial? He abused me, he beated me, He defeated me, he robbed me, In those who harbour such thoughts Hatred never
  07/20-18:57 . 4508 (Yutaka Sato) [56]
  Hi, Sorry, I thought it can be done with a generic MAXIMA="contry:1" for TCP connection establishment, but the retrial in this case is specific to FTP data-connection by src/inets.c:ftp_conndata().
Error Setting up Delegate to do FTPS -> FTPS Proxying
  07/23-09:04 . 4509  "Reggie Jackson" <> [228]
  I am trying to setup delegate to be a proxy for FTPS connections to a FTPS server. Basic structure is: Internet ==> firewall ==> ftp proxy (dmz) ==> firewall ==> ftp server (internal) I am able to c
  07/23-13:49 . 4510 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
  Hi, Last month there found so many cases in which core dumps can be caused with SSL (or gzip as filter threads) and they were fixed in 9.9.4-pre{9,10,11}. So you are recommended to try the latest be
HTTP Protocol Version Control
  07/23-14:25 . 4511  <> [35]
  Hi Yutaka, We would like to have delegate respect the HTTP Protocol Version as sent back in the response from the server (for some servers only). Is this possible? We have temporarily addressed this
Error Setting up Delegate to do FTPS -> FTPS Proxying
  07/24-01:14 . 4512  "Reggie Jackson" <> [133]
  I have updated to the 9.9.4-pre11 code and am trying it out. the command I am using is: ./delegated.pre STLS=fcl -P990 SERVER=ftps MOUNT="/* ftps:// */" ADMINPASS=<removed> -v I
  07/24-09:07 . 4513 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
  Hi, The log shows that DeleGate connected to the server port :990 (FTPS) which is expected to be in SSL implicitly. So you need to add the following parameter to start SSL unconditionally: STLS=fsv
  07/24-09:55 . 4514  "Reggie Jackson" <> [101]
  When I switched to the FSV command I am now getting the output: 07/23 18:54:07.07 [6925] 1+0: -- Fork(OnetimeServer): 6924 -> 6925 07/23 19:54:07.07 [6925] 1+0: (0) accepted [35] -@[]10.10
  07/24-10:01 . 4515 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
  You need both of STLS="fcl" (for client) and STLS="fsv" (for client) or STLS="fcl,fsv" Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> ( ~ ) National Institute of Ad
  07/24-10:23 . 4516  "Reggie Jackson" <> [52]
  Excellent, When I am able to connect now, but not able to STOR a file, also if I try to browse a recursive directory I get an error. Also it's not showing me my home directory it's showing me a fold
  07/24-12:37 . 4517 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  I'm not sure which MOUNT is your real configuration, but anyway your MOUNT parameters are equal to MOUNT="/* ftps://" with unknown option "/*" or "*/" after a space character. Th
HTTP Protocol Version Control
  07/27-18:27 . 4518 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
  Hi, Of course I'm respecting the HTTP specification. The protocol version is hop-by-hop value and must be adjusted to the version of the message sent from DeleGate to the peer. When chunked encoding
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