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[DeleGate-En] delegate as convertor from telnet to ssh
19 May 2009 13:41:30 GMT "Thomas Kolbe Dates" <>

Hello Yutaka Sato,

 I'm trying to activate an protcoll convertor from telnet client to ssh
server, as you describe on your web page "Telnet gateway to SSH server".

telnet-client --> deleagte --> ssh server on an suse linux server.

I tried out to start an delegate on my laptop with this config:

% delegated -P8023 SERVER=telnet://test:test@104..

 --> in the foreground window, i can see the correct startup oft he
delegate, with use the option "-v".

When i startet my telnet client as follows --> "telnet localhost 8023" ,
then i found an error message in the foregroundwindow
 like this "######## issock(25) CANT OPEN2 sessionfd(4)"
and the connection ends in error.

i have on my laptop an application that can only start a telnet-connection
and i can not activated the telnet deamon on my linux server for security
please can you help me to solve this problem.
Here ist he logfile form my delegate config.


Thanks thomas

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