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[DeleGate-En] Delegate: FTP reverse proxy: how to pass auth credentials?
28 Apr 2009 08:29:15 GMT Andrea `Zuse' Balestrero <>

I'm trying to test Delegate (last versione) as FTP reverse proxy.

I run it with the folloing command line:

   ./linux-dg -v -P21 SERVER= ADMIN="test@foo.." is running a FTP server which does not allow anonymous FTP.

If I use Delegate as above, FTP login credentials are passed to
the back-end FTP server?
It seems that "SERVER=" is a call to back-end
FTP server done as anonymous FTP, that is what I'd like to avoid.
How can I pass auth credentials from my external FTP client to
back-end FTP server via Delegate?

I didn't find a example about this particular case on your

Thank you for your help.

 Andrea Balestrero

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