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[DeleGate-En] Delegate with NFS cache spool
20 Feb 2009 14:20:04 GMT Eddie Stassen <>

We are running delegate as a caching proxy NNTP server (on Solaris 10) 
using NFS mounted drives as a cache spool.  Now and then we find 'stuck' 
delegated processes which take up a lot of CPU cycles.  Running truss, 
it appears that the process is getting an ESTALE error when reading from 
the spool (not sure why this is, possibly a file deleted while it was 
being read), however it seems  delegated is ignoring the error and 
sitting in a tight loop continuously retrying to read.  I have had a 
look through the source code to try and figure out where this is 
happening, but without much success so far.

Could you perhaps have a look and see if a fix could be made, or perhaps 
point me to the correct place in the code so I can make a temporary hack?


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