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[DeleGate-En] transparent http proxy relay intranet to backbone - one solution found
23 Apr 1999 01:27:39 GMT yossman <>

in case anyone else was wondering...

if you use delegate's tcprelay feature, it seems to work fine for the
application i listed previously to this list.  command-line on the
intranet-delegate (

./delegated -P8080 SERVER=tcprelay:// PERMIT="*:*:,"

anything directed at port 8080 on intranet-delegate ( from
or (the only two nodes allowed to use intranet-delegate) will be
handed over to backbone-delegate (, port 8080.  other nodes
along 10.0.0.* will not be allowed to use intranet-delegate.

backbone-delegate command-line:

./delegated -P8080 CACHEDIR=/var/spool/delegate/cache PERMIT="*:*:"

anything from intranet-delegate ( directed at port 8080 on
backbone-delegate ( will be handled as if it came from a real
node on 10.0.0.*.  backbone-delegate has been told to only accept
connections from one machine ( requesting one port (8080), so other
people along 192.168.1.* will not be allowed to use the backbone-delegate
for their own purposes.

other advantages with this configuration: this allows intranet-delegate
admins to control which users on its own network (10.0.0.*) will be allowed
to use the proxy.  it allows backbone-delegate admins to further control who
on 10.0.0.* is allowed to talk to, by manipulating what protocols/ports it
will support being redirected from

i advise that it would be more secure to lock down exactly what is PERMIT'd
and what is relayed in the above command-lines.  i'm continuing my
configurations to do just that, now that i've got something working. ;)


Yossarian Holmberg (yossman)              
Senior Systems Administrator          
National Online Inc.                    National Computers and Supplies

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