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[DeleGate-En] transparent proxy from one delegate server to another delegate server
22 Apr 1999 22:43:37 GMT yossman <>

i'm trying to set up a scenario where one delegate server on an intranet
contacts my master delegate server on my backbone network, transparently.
visually, this breaks down as such:

intranet-node making http:// request --> intranet-delegate --> backbone-delegate --> actual destination site

the problem is, when the request arrives from the intranet-delegate to the
backbone-delegate, the URL has been re-written like this:

original request from intranet-node: ""

request from intranet-delegate to backbone-delegate: ""

i've been going through for a (frustrating) couple of hours trying to figure
out how to use the ROUTE, MASTER, PROXY, and MOUNT command-line variables on
both the intranet-delegate and the backbone-delegate servers, to no avail.
i'm sure it's something small i'm missing but the documentation hasn't been
able to help me yet, and neither has surfing through the archives of this
mailing list.

if anyone has any ideas as to command-line options i can use to stop the
re-writing, to make the intranet-delegate just pass the request on to the
backbone-delegate, i'd love to hear them!

thanks for your time in advance.

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