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[DeleGate-En] Cache directories are mode 0777
22 Apr 1999 05:59:03 GMT Louis Mandelstam <>

Good day -

[please CC me on any responses]

I'm busy testing Delegate 5.9.1 for use on our systems as an FTP caching

Something which bothers me is that the cache directories are all creates
as mode 0777.  An strace reveals e.g. the following:

mkdir("/var/spool/delegate/cache/ftp/", 0777) = 0
chmod("/var/spool/delegate/cache/ftp/", 0777) = 0

A quick look at the code suggests that this permission is hardcoded this
way.  Is there any particular reason why the cache subdirectories are
forced to mode 0777?  Couldn't one change it to something safer such as
0755 or even 0750?

Also, small bug :)   :

220-  ( - ) { DeleGate/5.9.1 (March 15, 1999) }
220- AIST Research Product No. 1994-ETL-8715-1
220- Copyright (c) 1994-1998 Yutaka Sato
220- Copyright (c) 1994-1998 Electrotechnical Laboratry (ETL), AIST, MITI
220- WWW:

On the second-last line, it should be "Laboratory".

Thanks for what looks like a very powerful and quite stable product.

[please CC me on any responses]


Louis Mandelstam                                       # man 8 consulting
email:                  System administration contracting
Mobile: +20-00-000-000f            'whois LM497' for current contact info
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