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Setup HTTPS reverse proxy
  09/25-16:09 . 4150 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ [the command line arguments] delegated -P8443 SERVER=https STLS=fcl MOUNT="/* http://server/*" See <URL:> See <URL:
SESSION Control Protocol (SCP)
  09/25-21:11 . 4151 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
___ Why you need it? I thought a common session control layer as in the OSI reference model should have been introduced when HTTP upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1 in which "Keep-Alive" became the default. If in
performance measurements and socks question
  09/26-18:49 . 4152  "Andre E." <> [70]
___ Hi again. Sorry if this seems a bit pushy but I have another question ;) In context of the thread, I would be nice if it were possible to establish a connection to the server, maybe via VSAP oder HT
  09/28-18:56 . 4153  Andrテゥ Egners <> [5]
___ Hi. Sorry for the hassle. I overlooked your message from the 25th. Andre
  09/30-12:50 . 4159  arvin degamo <> [25]
___ Hi, Anybody can help me on how i can setup delegate in windows 2003 server. Please help me on how to block websites which is not important. Tnx, Arvin
  09/30-13:37 . 4160 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ The followig is an example of the command line for DeleGate as a HTTP proxy which rejects access to website www1, www2, www3, ... See <URL:> See <UR
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