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video streaming
  04/01-16:33 . 3944 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
  Hi Eddie, I'm not sure but your logfile of DeleGate, around the HTTP request for the relaying from the CGI, will give us hints. You should send such a large logfile directly to me, not to the ML. Ch
intermittent 'abort: caught SIGPIPE' during startup
  04/02-04:19 . 3945  Brent Beck <> [59]
  Since upgrading to the 9.x.x version of DeleGate, we have been having startup failures intermittently. When it happens, the parent process dies immediately after completing initialization. Trying ag
  04/02-16:13 . 3946 (Yutaka Sato) [88]
  Hi, What do you see afther this line when DeleGate starts normally? I think it might be like follows: 04/02 15:54:59.69 [31536] 0+0: --INITIALIZATION DONE-08040215+0900: 9.8.2-pre21 on Linux/2.4.20-
  04/03-00:58 . 3947  Brent Beck <> [184]
  Thanks for the fast response. I have seen the problem in both 9.5.6 and 9.7.7, too. 04/02 11:43:13.54 [27691] 0+0: --INITIALIZATION DONE-00000000--00X: 9.7.7 on Linux/2.4.9-e.12smp-- 04/02 11:43:13.
  04/03-01:03 . 3948  Brent Beck <> [198]
  And when it starts correctly, the tail of the log looks like this... 04/02 11:52:52.36 [27836] 0+0: --INITIALIZATION DONE-00000000--00X: 9.7.7 on Linux/2.4.9-e.12smp-- 04/02 11:52:52.36 [27836] 0+0:
  04/03-10:10 . 3949 (Yutaka Sato) [69]
  Hi, Oh, maybe I understand your case: 1) the standard output from your DeleGate is directed to some pipe or socket 2) you don't have permission to create or write your "/var/log/stdout.log" 3) the p
Use Delegate as Transparent Proxy?
  04/03-12:03 . 3950 (Yutaka Sato) [47]
  Hi, I supported "SO_ORIGINAL_DST" in DeleGate/9.8.2-pre19 as written in <URL:> and it will be applicable to your case. The configuration could be l
delegate and CGI
  04/04-21:47 . 3951 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
  Hi, DeleGate as an origin HTTP server supports CGI since 3.0.0 and SSI since 6.0.0. A file with ".cgi" suffix is interpreted as a CGI program and ".shtml" is interpreted as a SSI file. Cheers, Yutak
news proxy under windows
  04/07-19:13 . 3952  "damir" <> [183]
  --- Original Message --- From: "Yutaka Sato" <> To: <> Cc: <>; <> Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2
video streaming
  04/14-14:34 . 3953 (Yutaka Sato) [59]
  Hi, Your parameter SERVER= must be replaced with SERVER=https MOUNT="/**" otherwise the clients of your HTTPS-DeleGate server can't see it as a HTTPS serv
Client to Server Problem! (tcprelay)
  04/14-23:14 . 3954  Tan Loc Nguyen <> [36]
  hello! I m using delegated 9.8 and trying to make a tcp relay but they seem to be problem when i connect from my home PC: SERVER A: ./delegated -P1119 SERVER=tcprelay://host:port -r SERVER A: telnet
delegated reload very slow most of time.
  04/15-10:17 . 3955  "David Wang" <> [530]
  Hi Yutaka, Our version is 9.1.1, we are using it as proxy to access our http/https server with permitted list. Each time when we add an IP address of our clients into that permitted list file (most
relaying with single process
  04/18-02:23 . 3956 [30]
  Hello, Is it also possible to use that parameter in conjunction of a configuration file, while the server is a combination of plain and ssl server, say ftp and https. I cant imagine how delegate dec
Socket inheritance problem on Windows (Re: news proxy under windows)
  04/22-10:25 . 3957 (Yutaka Sato) [103]
  Hi, Current implementation of "-d1" option (parallel sessions in a single process) is not complete and is not recommended to be used with complex configuration as your case. Here are some way that m
relaying with single process
  04/22-16:47 . 3958 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
  Hallo, It can be as follows: delegated -P21,443 \ SERVER=ftp://ftpserv:-:-P21 \ SERVER=https:-:-P443 \ MOUNT="/* http://wwwserv/* via=-P443" \ STLS=fcl:::-P443 Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <y.sato
delegated reload very slow most of time.
  04/22-17:10 . 3959 (Yutaka Sato) [51]
  DeleGate does not do reverse lookup of DNS for a host name or an IP address in HostList when it is prefixed with "-", so your address list file should be like follows: - -
Delegate - encrypted .cdh config on win xp
  04/23-19:09 . 3960  "Killian, Jan" <> [377]
  Hi Yutaka, I need it to encrypt MYAUTH and have problems with using encrypted .cdh config on win xp. Could you kindly help me with, please? When I use MYAUTH from unencrypted +=dg.conf, everything w
  04/24-16:23 . 3961 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  Hi, Here you need to specify the "MasterKey" for the repository of passwords into which your "testpwd", the passphrase for encryption of configuration parameters, is stored. And your passphrase need
parameter encryption with -Fenc (Re: Delegate - encrypted .cdh config on win xp)
  04/24-17:33 . 3962 (Yutaka Sato) [73]
  Jan, I should have said that the encryption of configuration parameters by "-Fcredhy" (introduced at DeleGate/9.0.1 ) was a very tentative one without ability of verification of integirity of the de
encrypted parameter implantation (Re: parameter encryption with -Fenc)
  04/25-13:13 . 3963 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
  Jan, I'm reminded yet another way to encrypt parameters, to be implanted into the executable file of DeleGate. In DeleGate/9.4.0, I introduced "-Fimp" function to implant parameters of DeleGate dire
DeleGata as http / sftp gateway, for WebDav purpose - problem.
  04/28-16:28 . 3964  Martin Osterlund <> [218]
  Hi, What I want to do is: Provide webdav access for all users to their homedir. To do this without compromising filesystem security, (eg. webserver needs full access for all user files, or run suid
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