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problems with ftps proxy
  01/22-00:58 . 3920  "Denise Curry" <> [63]
___ I've set up a test ftps proxy that seems to work with some ftps hosts but not others. For the ones that do not work, I get a "421 failed starting TLS with the server" message. The meat of the delega
Conditional FSV filter
  01/25-13:03 . 3921  Tony Gaspar <> [31]
___ Hello, For HTTP, I have discovered that it would not be possible to apply a FSV type filter based on a content type as the content type would not be known until the HTTP response. Yutaka, it seems t
Delegate in a client-server application
  01/30-23:07 . 3922  "Dick van Fulpen" <> [123]
___ Hi, I would like to use Delegate for encrypted data transfer between a client and a server on a network. The situation is as follows: - one server ( runs the client application, the oth
changing parameters of a running delegate instance
  02/01-13:57 . 3923 (Yutaka Sato) [55]
___ Hi, It has been the ability to be supported since the beginning, but was not realized. It is not so easy because of the implementation of DeleGate with multi processes, and from security considerati
permission to use DeleGate
  02/06-17:00 . 3924  Raja Mohamed <> [91]
___ Hello Mr. Yutaka Sato, I'm Raja MOHAMED working for Carrefour Group in France. The Carrefour group is leader in retail. Nowadays, to develop our security, we want to set up a new system using your m
Switching ftp-servers based on IP-adresses
  02/09-16:21 . 3925  <> [2]
___ Hi,I am quite new to delegate and I am just playing around with it to find a solution for a proxy service that handles special requirements.I amsearching for a proxy service that can forward ftp req
news proxy under windows
  02/12-22:26 . 3926  "damir" <> [198]
___ Hm now I realy have troubles starting delegate under windows. Here is sample instal.bat script which I use to install delegate: dg9_8_1.exe -P119 SERVER=nntp EXPIRE=10d CRON="0 * * * * -expire 10d"
Tunneling configuration
  02/14-04:44 . 3927  "Nagy, Michael" <> [50]
___ Hello Yutaka I have been experimenting with DeleGate and I am very impressed with its versitility. I have succeeded in configuring it for some situations, however there is one use for which I do not
DeleGate and dynamic dns
  02/18-21:50 . 3928  "Matthias Waldorf \(Zoom\)" <> [114]
___ Dear Yutaka, we are using a target with a dynamic dns address like SERVER=tcprelay:// Everythings works fine as long as the address of does not change.
Realm in HTTP Auth truncated to 128 bytes
  02/25-19:32 . 3929  Harald Weidner <> [18]
___ Hello, I have a question on the configuration of the delegate proxy: The configuration is like: -P 8888 SERVER=http RELAY=proxy AUTHORIZER=-http.users@"Some text..." AUTH=proxy:pauth The authenticat
Use Delegate as Transparent Proxy?
  02/26-11:52 . 3930  "Brad Konia" <> [45]
___ I'm trying to setup Delegate as a transparent proxy that can forward all TCP traffic from Server A to the Internet via Server B. In other words, I would like to make it appear as though traffic is o
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