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[DeleGate-En] Re: Building sslway of Delegate 9.7.5 fails
25 Oct 2007 06:57:50 GMT Steffen Kaiser <>

Yutaka Sato wrote:

> Hi,
> In message <_A3882@delegate-en.ML_> on 10/24/07(23:20:12)
> you Steffen Kaiser <> wrote:
>  |I'm trying to build sslway of Delegate v9.7.5 on Linux Debian Etch with
>  |
>  |$ gcc --version
>  |gcc (GCC) 4.1.0 0000000X (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-21)
>  |
>  |The result is:
>  |
>  |gcc -L../lib -o sslway sslway.o -L../../SSL \
>  |                 -lcrypto -lssl -lcrypt -lcrypto -lssl -lnsl -ldl -lutil
> ...
>  |What do I miss here?
> You don't need sslway as an external command any more in DeleGate/9.

Oh, I moved the installation through several versions of Delegate now.
"--  required: SSLway"


"If non default SSLway command path or options are necessary to be used, the
SSLway command can be specified after stlsSpecs as
STLS="fcl,sslway -Vrfy -cert mycert.pem" for example. "

As you wrote the reply, I re-read the manual and found the sentence (linked
via SSLway in first quote):
"Sslway as an external command has become unnecessary. Recent versions of
DeleGate uses the built-in sslway when it can utilize dynamic libraries of
SSL. See"

Could you please add the note the the STLS parameter as well?
BTW: How about to add a README in the filter directory describing that these
tools are old and no longer of use for the practical useage of Delegate?



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