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[DeleGate-En] Delegate IMAP proxy to MS Exchange (2003)
18 Oct 2007 18:26:47 GMT "Matthew Groeninger" <>

I've hit a bit of a wall evaluating Delegate and I'm hoping someone can

I am using a test machine to proxy imap requests (from a Solaris machine) to
an MS Exchange 2003 server.  The command I am using to run Delegate is:

delegated -r -v STLS="fcl" -P143,993 SERVER=imaps://<server>

Pretty simple, I want TLS/SSL end to end.

Unfortunately, the TLS/SSL connection between the proxy and the imap server
does not happen.  I can watch (with a sniffer) and see the SYN from
Delegate, then the SYN-ACK from the Exchange server, and then the ACK from
Delegate, but Delegate does not seem to send the initial SSL handshake.

If I can change imaps to imap and it works fine, so it seems to be some kind
of problem with the implicit SSL connection to the Exchange server.

If anyone can offer me some insight into what is happening I would
appreciate it.


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