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newbie on delegate
  10/11-18:44 . 3860  Alexander Lang <> [25]
___ Hi! I need only a small funktion for delegate to rewrite a url in a request and back and sent the to a upsteam proxy: i' ve tried following: delegate -P8888 -v SERVER=http MOUNT="/*mydomain/* //othe
Delegate 9.7.4
  10/12-07:26 . 3861  "Maurice Glandrup" <> [37]
___ Hi, I'm a newbie to Delegate so forgive me if I ask an obvious question. I'm looking for a way to analyze web-pages coming from an https server. So I'm not interested in the HTTP messages, but the c
newbie on delegate
  10/12-22:26 . 3862 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ Hi, Your pattern expression in the MOUNT parameter is somewhat DeleGate cannot understand. It could be like follows but there could be other ways more appropriate depending on why you need such rewr
Delegate 9.7.4
  10/12-22:42 . 3863 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
___ Hi, It depends on why you need it to do what. For example you can access a HTTPS/SSL server like https://server as if it is http://https.server over the bare HTTP protocol via DeleGate as a HTTP pro
  10/15-04:39 . 3864  "Maurice Glandrup" <> [96]
___ Hi Yutaka, Thanks for your answer. I tried your solution, but I don't get what I want. What I want is the following: I want to analyze HTML content of https servers. To do this, the content must be
newbie on delegate
  10/15-14:30 . 3865  Alexander Lang <> [71]
___ Thanks - It's working now! But one more question! I get on the normal proxy now request from microsoft! and som
Delegate IMAP proxy to MS Exchange (2003)
  10/19-03:26 . 3866  "Matthew Groeninger" <> [39]
___ I've hit a bit of a wall evaluating Delegate and I'm hoping someone can help. I am using a test machine to proxy imap requests (from a Solaris machine) to an MS Exchange 2003 server. The command I a
  10/19-20:42 . 3867 (Yutaka Sato) [28]
___ Hi, At least you need to specify the activation of SSL with the server by STLS=fsv, like follows: STLS="fcl,fsv" Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> ( ~
  10/19-22:39 . 3868  "Matthew Groeninger" <> [49]
___ Unfortunately, specifying fsv doesn't help. I sent along the simplest example I want to use, but I have tried all the combinations I can think of. I see the same behavior. I'm stumped on this. The l
  10/19-23:26 . 3869 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
___ Hi, I found that I did not enabled the implicitly negotiated usage of SSL implied by the protocol name "imaps". It should be supported as the enclosed patch in the next release. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Y
  10/20-00:23 . 3870  "Matthew Groeninger" <> [78]
___ Works perfectly! Thanks so much! Matt
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