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POP user with @ in name
  07/05-22:09 . 3789  "Tobias Haecker (T.O.)" <> [44]
  Hey there, I cannot get delegate to work as a POP proxy with the following problem: Server is Username is popuser@example.. I tried: * OK localhost Proxy IMAP4 server DeleGate/
Restrict the FTP username
  07/06-07:06 . 3790  Kevin Richter <> [22]
  Hi, I am using delegate as a FTP proxy and I was wondering if/how it is possible to limit the login to those users, who use the "user@hostname" syntax as username - and supply a valid password? At t
POP user with @ in name
  07/06-16:35 . 3791 (Yutaka Sato) [38]
  Hi, First of all, you are talking with a IMAP server as the greeting message shows. These pattern work for POP but not for IMAP. This pattern should work both for POP and IMAP. You need to talk with
Restrict the FTP username
  07/06-17:48 . 3792 (Yutaka Sato) [61]
  Hi, Basically, there are two ways for proxying FTP by DeleGate as follows: 1) by extended user name USER user@host PASS pass 2) by extended path name USER user PASS pass CWD //host This is the reaso
Tunnel for LDAP and POP3S
  07/10-20:49 . 3793  Martin Vetter <> [79]
  hi, I'm playing around with DeleGate. now I ran into two problems: (1) LDAP forwarding doesn't process simple LDAP auth password? first I start: delegated -f -v -P10389 SERVER=ldap then I do somethi
Cannot get https-http gateway to work under windows
  07/13-18:42 . 3794  "Knut Borchart" <> [37]
  Hi, i am trying to use delegate as a https gateway to a http only server. Unfortunately i am running into problems. This is what i tried to achieve: Clients are usually connecting to loadbalancer ht
Tunnel for LDAP and POP3S
  07/13-23:48 . 3795 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
  Hi, So far, STLS=mitm has been implemented just for HTTPS/SSL. So you need to specify it as follows for other protocols: FCL=sslway FSV=sslway And the condition attached to your SERVER parameter see
  07/14-03:29 . 3796 (Yutaka Sato) [59]
  Martin, I'll make it (STLS=mitm for POP3S) be "supported" in the next release (9.6.3-pre2) with the modification as the enclosed patch. With the patch it'll work like your original configuration as
Cannot get https-http gateway to work under windows
  07/15-20:20 . 3797 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
  Hi, Which version of Windows are you using? Your log seems to show that a socket is not inherited from the parent process to a child process, which might be possible on non WinNT (as Win95/98/Me). O
DeleGate Q
  07/25-02:25 . 3798  "Alexander Sokolow" <> [17]
  I have some Questions... Does DeleGate Windows version have similar functions that Linux version? Where i can download webinterface for DeleGate Windows?
  07/26-06:49 . 3799 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
  The "Windows version" of DeleGate consists of the "Unix version" with some stabs to emulate Unix primitives on Windows, so they have almost the same functionalities each other. If you think the "Lin
delegate9.6.3-pre5 & IPv6
  07/27-22:09 . 3800  Tero Pelander <> [46]
  IPv6 problems in delegate9.6.3-pre5 Problem 1: Can't use ipv6 dns servers. Example: first one works ok, second one fails to contact dns server ../delegated -v -P__:3129 SERVER=http RESOLV=dns RES_NS
  07/28-11:19 . 3801 (Yutaka Sato) [108]
  Hi, It is because the socket of DeleGate to communicate with DNS servers (resolvers) is hard coded to be in IPv4. In the next release (9.6.3-pre6) I'll modify it as the enclosed patch to cope with a
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