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  01/14-19:42 . 3609  Mike <> [16]
  I was trying to use DeleGate as an origin FTP server on my windows box. It seems that MOUNT is broken: === PART OF LOG FILE=== 01/14 12:21:31.61 [3968] 0+0: arg[6] SERVER=ftp 01/14 12:21:31.61 [3968
  01/14-20:25 . 3610 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  The line in the log: shows that you specified the MOUNT parameter in an unexpected way as a command line parameter or in a configuration file. It should be as SERVER=ftp MOUNT="/* file:/*" Cheers, Y
DeleGate/9.4.2 (ALPHA) -- external auth. command, conditional CACHE, Japanese code conversion
  01/18-06:25 . 3611 (Yutaka Sato) [76]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: DeleGate/9.4.2 (ALPHA) -- external auth. command, conditional CACHE, Japanese code conversion - enabled definin
How to bypass an upstream proxy server?
  01/24-00:10 . 3612 [211]
  Hello, I guess our problem is easy to solve if I would know how to do it right... ;-) The normal internet access in our company takes place about a proxy server with user login and password. This pr
  01/24-20:36 . 3613 (Yutaka Sato) [58]
  So you are not bypassing the upstream proxy but automatically passing it. You need to specify inserting a SSL filter into the connection with ther server as this: STLS=fsv Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka
Trying to get selectable-SOCKS working (application level routing)
  01/25-10:45 . 3614  "Timothy Brown" <> [39]
  Hi, I have been playing for a couple of days at this with no luck. I would like to have a scenario where: - box (Mac OS X) points to local DeleGate - DeleGate selects SOCKS proxy based on destinatio
How to bypass an upstream proxy server?
  01/25-11:10 . 3615 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
  Hi, You can peep the HTTP request message sent to the HTTPS/SSL server adding a parameter as follows: FTOSV=-tee-n Testing with the parameter, I found that the authentication information by MYAUTH f
Trying to get selectable-SOCKS working (application level routing)
  01/25-20:19 . 3616 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
  Hi, You can use SOCKS for destination hosts belong to .local domain as this: SOCKS="sockshost:1080:!*.local" You can enumerate hosts to be relayed via SOCKS as this: SOCKS="sockshost:1080:host1,host
  01/25-23:56 . 3617  Timothy Brown <> [65]
  Ah! The missing link! This is because I thought the SOCKS= variables would override each other. Are they additive or are they treated independently? Could I do for instance SOCKS="sockshost:1080:!*.
  01/26-06:49 . 3618 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
  You can specify multiple upstream SOCKS proxies, possibly together with multiple PROXY, MASTER, ROUTE and FORWARD which are to be tested in the order defined in CONNECT, tried when the specified con
offline mode
  01/27-22:19 . 3619  "damir" <> [7]
  I using delegate (9.0.5) under win 2k , as news proxy ... well I always have problems when my adsl line is droped or reconected ... delegate is give error ... not available temporary ... and this is
  01/27-23:26 . 3620 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
  Hi, First of all, so many problems of DeleGate on Windows have been fixed since 9.0.5. You should use the latest (beta) version of DeleGate or the latest stable version (9.3.2). If your problem is t
Trying to get selectable-SOCKS working (application level routing)
  01/28-23:04 . 3621  Timothy Brown <> [199]
  This is what I get when attempting to browse a web page using the mechanisms described: (Mac OS X points to delegate, delegate points to SOCKS exposed via SSH) 01/28 08:59:04.16 [16108] 1+1: {R} ret
  01/29-00:28 . 3622 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
  Hi, Hmm... 1) DNS query for is also forwarded to the upstream SOCKS server at localhost:9250. This seems a bug in the implementation of DeleGate. 2) by somewhat unknown reason, the upstr
  01/29-09:03 . 3623  Timothy Brown <> [72]
  I would think this is actually the correct behavior, as what we want is for the remote side to reply with the DNS response: It may have a different view of DNS than the host machine (e.g. in situati
  01/29-23:58 . 3624  Timothy Brown <> [73]
  Yutaka, delegated -v -P28222 RESOLV=sys SERVER=socks CONNECT=s,d SOCKS="localhost:9050:\!*" Am I correct that this line above is supposed to prevent delegate from forwarding traffic for
  01/30-16:37 . 3625 (Yutaka Sato) [97]
  Hi, Sorry, I wrote it ambiguously. The DNS query about "" which caused the problem you saw is NOT the one which is generated by SOCKS clients (to be wrapped in UDP ASSOC packet (CMD[3]) o
  01/30-16:50 . 3626 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
  Tim, I think so. And CONNECT=s,d is not necessay in this case because you don't have any of CACHE, ICP, MASTER, PROXY, SSLTUNNEL, VSAP. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> http://de
  01/31-06:06 . 3627  Timothy Brown <> [36]
  It appears this also does not work in the way expected. traffic goes to the proxy, everything else goes direct. Tim
  01/31-07:03 . 3628 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
  Do you mean it does not work for any case of "" ? At least it does not work in the following situation: 1) when a SOCKS client sends it request with its destination represented in IP add
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