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[DeleGate-En] delegate security flaw [Virus checked]
18 Oct 2006 09:38:59 GMT

hello yutaka,

i recently discovered a security flaw which is related to the delegate 
permission control

allthough using a filter like FCL="sslway ..... -Vrfy" , when running in 
master mode , clients which are rejected by the ssl-layer, still
cause delegate to open a connection to a destination server , this can and 
has been used to accomplish ddos . the FCL should reject the connection
establishment to an arbitrary server , before rejecting the ssl handshake 
. in case you need log files for forensik analysis, i will post them. for 
now, i strongly 
recommend everyone to shut down delegate master services until this one is 
fixed :-)

greetz from germany :-))

martin papapadopoulos

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