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multiple masters
  01/04-05:52 . 3095  Martin Papadopoulos <> [16]
  hello yutaka, multiple master don't work as followed : delegate -P800 SERVER=http MASTER= MASTER= according to the documentation this should work , but it obviously doesn
multiple masters - reloaded
  01/04-16:16 . 3096 [89]
  hello yutaka, i was wrong about the recent post. it is not accurate, that multiple masters are tried in order ! but i observed a problematic behaviour when selecting multiple masters. for each reque
multiple masters - re-reloaded :-)
  01/04-16:17 . 3097 [89]
  hello yutaka, i was wrong about the recent post. it is not accurate, that multiple masters are not tried in order ! but i observed a problematic behaviour when selecting multiple masters. for each r
multiple masters - re-re-reloaded :-)
  01/04-16:18 . 3098 [89]
  hello yutaka, i was wrong about the recent post. it is not accurate, that multiple masters are not tried in order ! but i observed a problematic behaviour when selecting multiple masters. for each r
basic install issue for delegate
  01/06-09:31 . 3099  "Chris King" <> [47]
  I apologize for the silly question, but I seem to be unabel to properly install this (8.11.5) on Windows XP. I downloaded from and when I run the ex
multiple masters - re-re-reloaded :-)
  01/15-04:41 . 3100 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
  Imagine that there are multiple clients running on the same host, or accessing via the same proxy host. (MASTER) clientA +--- DeleGateX ---+ clientB -- DeleGate --+ +-- server clientC +--- DeleGateY
filter DNS queries
  01/15-22:17 . 3101  Patrick Useldinger <> [18]
  Hello, I am looking for a DNS proxy that allows me to filter which DNS requests are answered and which ones are dropped. The software should allow me to specify something like this: "www
delegate 3100
  01/16-00:57 . 3102  Martin Papadopoulos <> [122]
  hello yutaka , i will give it defenitly a trie ! cheer martin in /<_A3098@delegate-en.ML_>/ <*/_A3098@delegate-en.ML_?Base=mail-lists.delegate-en/3100> Imagine tha
delegate 9.0.6-pre1
  01/16-01:21 . 3103  Martin Papadopoulos <> [34]
  hello yutaka , is it possible to get a copy of the 9.0.6-pre1 version ? many thanx :-) cheer martin ps: if people attach a pgp signature , like i used to do, this should be anonymized too, otherwise
Deleagte as http proxy over ssh-tunnel from windows to linux
  01/16-02:29 . 3104  Peter Wimmer <> [43]
  Hello, i have a problem. I'm trying delegate for some days now and I can't make a connection from windows to linux with delegate over a ssh-tunnel. My problem is: on the linux system i need delegate
  01/16-04:19 . 3105 (Yutaka Sato) [58]
  Hi, Maybe you are trying the tunneling I wrote in <URL:> It does not work on Windows because it is implemented using fork() system call which is not
delegate 3100
  01/16-08:39 . 3106 (Yutaka Sato) [184]
  Hallo, The extension is as the enclosed patch. (Current 9.0.6-pre1 is in nasty status including many tentative patches and probes to be removed before released) Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <y.sat
filter DNS queries
  01/17-15:05 . 3107 (Yutaka Sato) [297]
  Hi, DeleGate as a DNS server (or a resolver) can select an upstream server (resolver) depending on the hostname or address pattern in each query. It is specified with the RESOLV parameter of syntax
SSL disconnect problem
  01/25-16:03 . 3108 [142]
  Hi, Thanks for a great application. Unfortunaly we have ha problem with the ssl part. We are running Delegate 9.0.5/6 on windows 2003 server. It looks like when the delegate application receive a "S
Timeout issues
  01/28-20:49 . 3109  Gertjan Klein <> [49]
  Hello, I'm using Delegate (on Windows) as an HTTPS proxy. This works well, except when I have a VPN connection (using Cisco's VPN client) to my company's servers. The problem appears to have to do w
  01/29-05:43 . 3110 (Yutaka Sato) [51]
  Hi, You can inspect the resolver problem by getting detailed log of it with RES_DEBUG=1 option. The problem can be solved by supressing the DeleGate's original resolver (Resolvy) and using the stand
SSL disconnect problem
  01/29-06:39 . 3111 (Yutaka Sato) [89]
  Hi, If you are using DeleGate as a HTTP proxy for SSL-Tunneling, and if you see "not half_duplex ?" in your logfile of DeleGate, you will be able to escape the problem by specifying as this: REMITTA
Timeout issues
  01/30-16:59 . 3112  Gertjan Klein <> [147]
  Yutaka, First of all, thanks for your help. I had RES_DEBUG=9 as commandline option. I've changed it to 1 as you suggested, which appears to result in less messages. I have tried this, but unfortuna
  01/30-17:27 . 3113 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  Hi, Sorry, I overlooked it. Then try RES_DEBUG="-1" for the maximum loglevel since the value is a bit mask. Also the option "-W4" will make detailed log for Windows specific operations. I suppose th
  01/30-17:53 . 3114  Gertjan Klein <> [37]
  Yutaka, OK, thanks for that. Unfortunately, this makes things even more confusing (at least for me ;). A fragment of the log: As you can see, the delay is between two gettimeofday() calls :O. Could
  01/31-02:39 . 3115 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
  Hi, Hmm... your window of the log is too narrow for me to identify where it is. If the log fragment is right before "{R} RES_order(CFDS,CFNDS)", it can be in the intialization in main(). I uploaded
  01/31-03:09 . 3116  Gertjan Klein <> [45]
  Yutaka, Thanks again for your help! I have tried this executable with the following commandline: dg9_0_6-pre2dbg1.exe -v -P8080 RES_DEBUG="-1" -W4 RESOLV=sys SERVER=http FSV=sslway DGROOT="c:/progra
  01/31-03:42 . 3117 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  Hi, Sorry the executable seems broken so that it cannot do getpeername() and getsockname(). It might be linking problem... So I uploaded recompiled version dg9_0_6-pre2dbg2.exe, try this one please.
  01/31-04:09 . 3118  Gertjan Klein <> [41]
  Yutaka, No worries. OK, tried that one. I can now reproduce the problem with the extra debugging info. Note that the amount of debugging data is now too much for the scrollback buffer of the Windows
  01/31-04:47 . 3119 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
  Hi, We can see the DeleGate is delayed in scan_HOSTS0() function. To inspect what is going in it, I uploaded dg9_0_6-pre2dbg3.exe. Try it please. Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <>
  01/31-05:01 . 3120  Gertjan Klein <> [26]
  Yutaka, Done; log at It seems to be this line: (WIN) 51:47 [820] --- scan_HOSTS0 [HOSTS] Oddly enough, the same sequence appears way at the beginning of the lo
  01/31-05:17 . 3121 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
  Hi, Hmm... I uploaded dbg4.exe to inspect for which host/addr the scan_HOSTS() function is stacking. I think you will be able to escape the problem by adding HOSTS=host/addr by hand. Might be. Cheer
  01/31-05:37 . 3122  Gertjan Klein <> [23]
  Yutaka, The new log is at The culprit appears to be lines like the following: (WIN) 25:48 [1264] --- addhost1(localhost/:::) I also noticed that on the second
  01/31-06:18 . 3123 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
  Hi, The delay seems to be caused just to convert IPv6 address from symbolic representation like ":::" to its binary representation. Maybe it is delayed in inet_aton() or inet_pton(), and maybe the p
  01/31-06:35 . 3124  Gertjan Klein <> [28]
  Yutaka, Perhaps it could be the nameserver of the company I connect to? Excellent! That works! Thanks very much for your persistent support. If you're interested, you can find the log file of a succ
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