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java redirect with AUTHORIZER
  06/06-09:46 . 2970 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
___ In general, finding URLs fragmented and scattered in variables or in constants in JavaScript is not easy or impossible in some cases. It is impossible to perfectly judge if or not a string or a char
Way over my head - any reference for 'noobs'?
  06/06-11:42 . 2971  "J. Brian Kelley" <> [58]
___ I have no doubt that for those with extensive background, the manual is a gem of precise clarity, but, for the poor Windows dabbler, it might as well have been written in Sanskrit. The tutorial is r
Build problems under Solaris 10
  06/07-23:35 . 2972  Matthias Kurz <> [400]
___ Hi. There where some problems with redefined macros (see attached patch). After fixing this, there are still some errors in the build, but they are ignored (see attached log). Is this ok (because on
Way over my head - any reference for 'noobs'?
  06/08-03:59 . 2973  Matthias Kurz <> [6]
___ Cannot help you. But do you know jap ? (mk)
Build problems under Solaris 10
  06/08-12:36 . 2975 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
___ Hi, Thank you. I modified DeleGate/9.0.2 referring your patch and uploaded the modified version 9.0.3-pre13 at It's ok. Those modules are intended to be us
OOB errors with delegate 8.11.x
  06/08-14:40 . 2976 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
___ Hi, As in <URL:>, I noticed that the moudle to use poll(), which detects OOB has been disabled since DeleGate/8.10.3. So I think applying the patch
Problem with a cookie-based site...
  06/10-03:37 . 2977  "Justin Grewe" <> [99]
___ Hi, Im trying to connect through delegate with a cookie based site, here is the command I am using to start delegate: delegate -f -v -P81 ADMIN="admin@berea.." MOUNT="/htt
Cascading delegate proxy
  06/14-00:35 . 2978  dogbert <> [27]
___ Hi, I need to create a cascade configuration for my delegated infrastructure. I have 2 networks locate in different buildings connected through a dedicated line. Every network have a local delegate
Problem with cookies with delegate...
  06/14-22:46 . 2979  "Justin Grewe" <> [49]
___ Hi, I had wrote you an email earlier about a site that is causing problems because they require that cookies are able to be used with the proxy. Im using this product at berea college and we have on
configuration question
  06/15-16:32 . 2980  "randall kippen" <> [20]
___ Hello, We are using DeleGate as our proxy, but some software that we are using that maintains a persistent connection to a server outside of our network keeps getting disconnected. How should DeleGa
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