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Disable Socks without authentication
  11/08-17:10 . 2784  Kostas Zourkas <> [22]
  Hi to all, iam trying to configure Delegate to act as a Socks 5 proxy with WIndows 2000 Ldap authentication. I have managed to configigure the W2K authentication by the use of PAM. The socks 5 serve
  11/08-17:17 . 2785  Kostas Zourkas <> [19]
  Dear all, i am trying to configure a socks 5 server with authentication from Widowns 2000 Ldap using PAM. I have managed to configure the auth part, but the server is acting as Socks 4, socks5, and
I need DG to close remote connection IMMEDIATELY after local client has disconnected
  11/12-20:50 . 2786  Max Loginov <> [58]
  Hello! Thank you for such a useful tool, it is very powerful and flexible. But there is a little problem I cannot solve. Because of that problem your tool doesn't suit me completely. I hope that the
Help Required for delegate
  11/13-04:01 . 2787  TEJAS VORA <> [46]
  Hello, We are developing a gateway product. As a part of our gateway we want to implement the transparent proxy for the TCP based protocols FTP, HTTP, TELENET, HTTPS and SSH. There are couple of pro
delegate 8.10.2 problem or bug...
  11/16-19:47 . 2788  Poul Chauzoff <> [17]
  Hello feedback, I am using Delegate as proxy server (http ftp socks) on my home server (Slackware ZipSlack 10.0 (kernel 2.4.26)+Samba+Delegate). This server connect to ADSL modem via ethernet(DHCP,
Audio/Video MSN+delegate ?
  11/26-17:17 . 2789  "Fagerlund Robin" <> [41]
  Hi! Do you have any ida of how to make a video conference work with MSN and delegate? (or other free video conference software that can be used with delegate) This is what I've tried. On a windows P
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