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What do these UDP Ports for?
  04/05-20:19 . 2587  "Wu Jiafu" <> [22]
  Hi, I am running a current version of delegate in a linux box as a FTP proxy, I found that delegated listening on the tcp 21 port, but also running on 2 UDP ports something like this(netstat -apn) t
Sigsegv when trying to run delegate 8.9.2 on yellowdog 3
  04/06-04:19 . 2588  "Rich Stanton" <> [97]
  Hi, I've compiled delegate 8.9.2 on a yellowdog linux 3 system. However when I try & run it it doesn't work. Here's what I'm running: delegated AUTHORIZER=-socks.users -P1081 SERVER=socks PERMIT=*:*
  04/06-07:04 . 2589 (Yutaka Sato) [39]
  Possibly your setting of resource limit on stack size is too small to execute DeleGate. It is expected larger than one megabyte at least. What is the result of "limit" command ? % csh -c limit stack
BUG? UDP Ports
  04/06-14:00 . 2590  "Wu Jiafu" <> [39]
  Hi, I checked this issue again and again. I found that if I start delegated with RESOLV=file,dns or whatever (even if it's the same as the default value RESOLV=cache,file,dns,sys), these 2 UPD ports
  04/06-14:11 . 2591  "Wu Jiafu" <> [49]
  and, this issue appears in my windows 2000 box(delegated 8.9.2 binary from too --- Original Message --- From: "Wu Jiafu" <> To: <feedback@deleg
Sigsegv when trying to run delegate 8.9.2 on yellowdog 3
  04/06-17:39 . 2592  "Rich Stanton" <> [64]
  Doing this my stacksize was listed as 8192kbytes. I executed the first 2 commands, and delegated did it's usual startup: GNU gdb Yellow Dog Linux (5.2.1-4b) Copyright 2002 Free Software Foundation,
  04/06-20:41 . 2593 (Yutaka Sato) [66]
  Then the problem seems not to be caused by stack limitation. This command means running DeleGate as follows: Sorry, to let DeleGate run in foreground and be monitored by gdb, you shoulld have done i
  04/06-21:26 . 2594  "Rich Stanton" <> [77]
  Right then - thanks for your patience, here's the log from the gdb session (sorry if you didn't need the whole thing!). (gdb) run -v -P9999 SERVER=socks Starting program: /usr/sbin/delegated -v -P99
small patch : delegate as origin http server, css and Mozilla...
  04/15-01:19 . 2595  Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais <> [62]
  humf...Mea culpa Replying to myself... Currently, I search to rewrite html page send by servers with the 503 http status code...Reading the delegate manual, I just discover the FILETYPE option in th
Tunnel over HTTP PROXY???
  04/20-09:31 . 2596  Jose Maria Sarachaga <> [48]
  Hi Yutaka! Hi list! I've been looking for this case in the list archive but no responses are made, are those solved? I need to make direct connections like TELNET or SSH(hopefully SSH, but for now i
Can I use one port for multiple protocols
  04/20-09:58 . 2597  "Dan Higgins" <> [15]
  Greetings, If I have one port open, can I use Delegate to accept connections on that port, then look at the incoming stream, and forward on to different ports based on the stream data? More specific
  04/20-13:02 . 2598  Tim Smith <> [5]
  hello i like delegates features and it seems to be the general prupose proxy i am looking for. however i have been googling and in the past delegate has gotten a bad rap for buffer over flows. what
Can I use one port for multiple protocols
  04/21-03:15 . 2599  "Dan Higgins" <> [34]
  Here is more info on the config I'm trying, but I can't see why it doesn't work. For this example, only port 8888 is open to the outside. I've got 2 config files, the first: ---BEGIN--- -P8888 -vv S
DeleGate vs. WinGate -- Installation/configuration
  04/21-14:16 . 2600  Christopher Markis <> [31]
  I used to use Wingate to dial in to my home from remote sites using a laptop. This was set up to simply allow me access to COX high-speed internet connectivity for me no matter where I was. I recent
cross compilation of delegate
  04/23-16:43 . 2601  "simon abraham" <> [11]
  hi i have used delegate proxy server on normal linux machine.and it works fine. i would like to know how to cross compile it for arm linux. regards -sim ___ Contact brides & grooms FREE! http://www.
FTP's problem
  04/26-16:01 . 2602  "vanny" <> [166]
  Hi,everyone. Recently I've setup ftp proxy by using Delegate-7.9.13.Well,it works fine from commandline;but from broswer(IE6) it produced no result(couldn't get data).Here is my setting: DELEGATE=/s
Can I use one port for multiple protocols
  04/27-07:36 . 2603  "Dan Higgins" <> [13]
  [...] Hello? Is anybody out there? I have spent many hours reading the man page and trying different tweaks to this config. If what I'm trying to do is not possible, please say so. If it is possible
Problem with PAM authentication
  04/28-01:28 . 2604  Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais <> [350]
  Hi, I'm trying the PAM Authentication feature. My configuration of delegate is the following (on port 7978 for test) : ___CONF___ -P7978 env[16] LIBPATH=.;/root/delegateTest;/delegate/lib;/usr/local
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