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[DeleGate-En] Can Delegate do this?
08 Jul 2003 10:55:12 GMT Commander Smutticus <>

Is it possible for me to use Delegate to manage the state of a TCP connection?
I want to use PHP to poll a telnet connection.  My PHP script would post
data to delegated and get a response from telnetd.  This could be
over TCP or HTTP/TCP.  The socket between telnetd and delegated would be
a normal TCP socket.  While the socket between PHPscript and delegated
could only be initiated by PHPscript and would always consist of the
following series similar to HTTP 1.0:
1.  Setup by PHPscript
2.  Post from PHPscript
3.  Response from delegated
4.  Teardown


More info:
I'm planning on writing a VoiceXML interface in PHP to some popular Multi
User Dungeons(MUDs) on the internet.  I wrote a prototype many months
ago that used as the MUD.  But that site has been down for
a long time now and I can't find any other stateless MUD's.


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