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RE : [DeleGate-En:2223] RE : [DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En] stupid and newbie question
  05/01-16:12 . 2226 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
  If the problem occurs on really clean installation of some kind of Windows machine, it is strange that the problem has been reported rarely... Anyway, I need some more information about how the Dele
RE : [DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En:2223] RE : [DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En] stupid and newbie question
  05/02-17:12 . 2227  "RAAD, Umar" <> [136]
  Hello... First I want to thank you again for your help and the time you take to help a poor (and lambda) user like me. If it takes too long or if you don't know further don't hesitate to tell me. I
  05/04-05:09 . 2228 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
  Hi, Searching Google with "duplicatehandle inherit socket handle bug", I can find many pages which seems to be similar to this problem in another server applications on Windows: http://sources.redha
DeleGate - Firewall
  05/04-18:56 . 2229  "Carl A. Schreiber" <> [14]
  Hi, reading the docs, I'm a little bit confused. It looks like that when I'm using DeleGate I don't have to install another firewall - so DeleGate act as a firwall or would it be better to redirect
RE : [DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En:2223] RE : [DeleGate-En] RE : [DeleGate-En] stupid and newbie question
  05/04-22:56 . 2230  "RAAD, Umar" <> [167]
  I'm sorry... The problem is still here. I'll reinstall a clean system at home and I'll test again. I'll send you the results... I don't know if this can help but in the attachment is what appeared o
Username with @ into
  05/05-22:28 . 2231  Stefano Mason <> [28]
  Delegate in ftpproxy mode: Account into ftpserver is like: User: Password: ciao Ftpserver: What is the way to login trought ftpproxy? Ex: ftp ftpproxy 2121 Many thanks
delegate (SuSE Linux): failor while make
  05/05-23:01 . 2232  Gooly <> [13]
  trying to install I've got: make cc -DMKMKMK -DDEFCC=\"cc\" -I../include -L../lib mkmkmk.c -o mkmkmk.exe make: cc: command not found make: *** [mkmake.exe] error 127 Regards, Carl
DeleGate: make failor
  05/05-23:22 . 2233  Gooly <> [11]
  trying to install I've got: Regards, Carl
manual - translation
  05/06-01:47 . 2234  Martin Papadopoulos <> [13]
  Hello Yutaka, how about a german translation of the delegate manual ? i would donate some time and work to translate the manual into german language if you like. Thanx for this excellent piece of so
Username with @ into
  05/06-06:26 . 2235 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
  USER PASS ciao willd do. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and T
delegate (SuSE Linux): failor while make
  05/06-06:30 . 2236 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
  Specify the C compiler available on your machine, for example like: make CC=gcc Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) National Institute of Advan
Username with @ into
  05/06-16:32 . 2237  Stefano Mason <> [33]
  Yes, but may be I've found a bug. Landscape: 2 delegated (8.5.3): 1 in DMZ generalist, 1 in LAN specialist (FTPproxy configured with MASTER to DMZ delegated) In this way work ftpproxy only with user
  05/06-18:37 . 2238 (Yutaka Sato) [100]
  In this case, given "user%xxxx@server", the client-side FTP-DeleGate interprets the right most atmark as the delimiter between user name and server name. The server name part is used to connect the
Delegate: Firewall-config + Proxy config
  05/06-20:33 . 2239  Gooly <> [33]
  Thanks for the reply, for some reasons gcc wasn't installed - done. Now it worked and I face the next (much bigger problem) - may I ask for some more help. Beside normal use of the internet form my
  05/06-22:20 . 2240 (Yutaka Sato) [27]
  If you expect DeleGate to work as a SOCKS server, then delegated -P10.10.10.1:1080 SERVER=socks will do. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) Na
Username with @ into
  05/06-22:52 . 2241  Stefano Mason <> [23]
  OK I've successfully tried the patch only to generalist "delegated" ad use the new form "USER user@xxxx@server" on specialist, all fine. Many thanks. Cheers. Stefano Mason
filter into cgi file
  05/07-04:11 . 2242  "Carl A. Schreiber" <> [45]
  Hi again, getting delegate to work as required (thanks a lot for support and this great program) I'd like to go on. Im want to write a cgi program that send the received data by socket to another co
  05/07-04:50 . 2243 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
  In this case, those port numbers are that of destination (SSL servers). The "destination" in "dstHostList" means "server host", although it might be confusing when you specify it in the context of f
  05/07-22:54 . 2244  "Carl A. Schreiber" <> [22]
  Mr. satio, I'm sorry but now I'm mixed up and confused. My situation: A remote data server is contacted at a port 2186 and sends data to a local client through DeleGate-Proxy-Server. Now my perl pro
RELEASE DeleGate/8.5.4 -- fixed port binding (since 7.4.2) and error message (8.4.0)
  05/09-16:53 . 2245 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.5.4.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: May 9 15:18 JST 2003 TAR-SIZE
delegate-en How do I enable and require basic HTTP Authorization
  05/10-00:51 . 2246  Mark Nordstrom <> [5]
  05/10-01:52 . 2247 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
  It depends on what protocol you are proxying. For most protocols, adding AUTHORIZER=yourAuthhost is enough. But for HTTP protocol, it is a little complicated. Basically, the following will do: AUTH=
delegate-en Can you give a copy of your config??
  05/16-14:18 . 2248  "Gary Winton" <> [109]
  So far I think I have every thing running now. Is there a way you could send or post the way you startup your proxy. The config in starting the http and other servers? I would like to compare mine t
proxy to unresolved domain question
  05/19-22:06 . 2249  "Shai H" <> [168]
  I would like to know how I can do the following (if possible via delegate) I want to enable calls to a website when that website does not have a dedicated IP and its DNS is not resolved yet. I was t
HTTP mediation
  05/20-20:53 . 2250  "M Yamamoto" <> [68]
  Hi, Can I use delegate for changing origin of web documents? For example, I want to retreive a document from as follows: or some
proxy to unresolved domain question
  05/21-13:19 . 2251 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
  Could you show me the output of the DeleGate when it is working for the request? "" option will disable the MOUNT, so it should be removed. It should be MOUNT="/* http://*" or MOUNT="/
HTTP mediation
  05/21-13:36 . 2252 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  A DeleGate running on "myDelegateServer" with following parameters SERVER=http -P80 MOUNT="/?* *" will work like you expect, or SERVER=http -P80 MOUNT="/* http://*" will accept "http://myDelegateSer
proxy to unresolved domain question
  05/21-16:28 . 2253  "Shai H" <> [213]
  Hi Yutaka, You are correct, I have tried the following: dg8_5_3.exe -v -P13.13.13.13:80 SERVER=http RELIABLE="*" MOUNT="/* http://*" REACHABLE="*" ADMIN=aaa@bbb.. and it
Feature Request
  05/22-00:05 . 2254  Roger Sistla <> [9]
  I like the product, but its authentication is a little odd. It would be nice if authentication can be done via PAM/LDAP/RADIUS instead of the, no offence intended, logging into a ftp server. Delgate
HTTP mediation
  05/22-13:06 . 2255  "M Yamamoto" <> [46]
  Sato san, Thank you for your feedback. It worked great! Regards, Michi --- Original Message --- From: "Yutaka Sato" <> To: <> Cc: <
Delegate Config
  05/23-09:40 . 2256  "Gary Winton" <> [101]
  Why will you not answer? Will you give an example of you config so I may see what you do. "Are you still wasting your time with spam?... There is a solution!" Protected by GIANT Company's Spam Inspe
HTTP mediation
  05/27-18:15 . 2257  "M Yamamoto" <> [64]
  Yutaka-san, I appreciate your help last week. Could I ask one more question regarding performance of the delegate? So far, I have been able to use delegate with many of the web pages only with few e
  05/27-23:46 . 2258  "Ng S. T. Chong" <> [27]
  Dear Yutaka-san, Further to my colleague's message, I found the following error message in the log while visiting ... [27/May/2003:22:57:56 +0900] "GET http://library/flyoutmenu/de
auth-tls ftp/ssl
  05/28-08:05 . 2259  "Bryan Dees" <> [47]
  Hello, Once again I turn to your application in an attempt to proxy remote FTP AUTH/TLS users to my TLS FTP/SSL server. I can get the proxy to work by just typing: delegated on the proxy server, the
RELEASE DeleGate/8.5.5 -- fixed LDAP, HTTP, CRON with leap-seconds
  05/28-18:11 . 2260 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate8.5.5.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: May 28 17:54 JST 2003 TAR-SIZ
exception: "fork() is not available" on Win2000
  05/28-19:37 . 2261 [167]
  Hi, I'm using the latest DeleGate 8.5.5. on Win2k and try to establish a SSH tunnel for FTP access. I used the example at . Unfortunately, the program quits imm
Problems using delegate for FTP'ing over ssh
  05/29-01:19 . 2262 [178]
  Hi delegate experts, we have a problem with the right configuration of delegate for routing ftp over a ssh line. Configuration: :xxxxxxxxxxxLinux Serverxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Internet :x Windows
http tunneling
  05/29-04:29 . 2263  Fagerlund Robin <> [18]
  Hi ! I'm trying to setup a proxy server for WinCVS users using delegate as a proxy, but I keep getting this error message. cvs [login aborted]: Proxy server does not support HTTP
performance and scalability of DeleGate for ASP web site
  05/29-08:08 . 2264  "Nina Miao" <> [194]
  Hello, I am thinking of using DeleGate for the purpose of localizing an ASP web site, i.e., replacing English strings with strings in another language. How fast and scalable is DeleGete with some ex
expire text only?
  05/30-15:39 . 2265  "Jim" <> [281]
  Just got DeleGate up and running. Nice piece of software! One question: Is there any way to configure so images, sound files, etc., are read from cache even when an http page header has expired a pa
  05/30-16:41 . 2266 (Yutaka Sato) [52]
  As long as I know, cache control information about a HTTP message (which is indicated in its header or body tags) affect only to the message itself. The expiration of (a image) data which is referre
  05/30-22:38 . 2267  "James R. Blaney" <> [284]
  Thanks for the reply. If I use the following: HTTPCONF=kill-rhead:Expires it should handle the Expires tag, butI don't think that will work for the following headers, will it? I will probably give t
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