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[DeleGate-En] Building Delegate 8.3.0 on OS/2 with EMX
28 Dec 2002 04:45:08 GMT


First of all, I'd like to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season, and 
wishes for a good New Year to come.

Now that the important stuff is over, as usual, I'm building the new stable
version of delegate on OS/2.  You can tell I've had a problem because you're 
reading this :)

After starting the build with the usual "make CC=gcc", things proceed normally
until I get the following:

>         scanning source of SUBST at ../maker
> SYS1086: The following character string is too long:
> make[2]: *** [srcfiles] Error 1

and the build ends.  The OS/2 help message here is not as illuminating as it
might be, so I did some digging.  The command passed by mkmake.exe to the system
at this point is "make -s srcfiles".  Sure enough, cd'ing to the maker directory
and issuing that command replicates the error.

It turns out that OS/2 has a 1024 byte limit on the command line - and the 
srcfiles:;	@echo " $(SRCS) " at the end of maker/Makefile produces a 
command a few bytes longer than that.  You might try a make -s srcfiles | wc
to see exactly how long it is - because of the error, I can't tell you precisely,
and I'm afraid I'm too lazy to hand-count the bytes in the Makefile.

I solved this problem by renaming the file maker/SSLeay090b.c to maker/SSLeay.c, 
and changing the reference to this file in the Makefile to match.  This 
shortened the string enough to allow the build to continue successfully.

I haven't tested the resulting delegated.exe yet - that's next on the list.
I've had such good success with delegate that I don't anticipate any 
problems here.

I'm also not certain that this is the best solution to this problem - maybe
it would be better to steal a character or two from the names of several 
files instead. 

That's it - thanks again for Delegate and your support!


|  Derek J Decker            Decker Automation    |
|                     Tel/Fax: 000/000-0006          585 Winterhill Lane  |
|       Lexington, KY 40509  |

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