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[DeleGate-En] Re: Win32 DNS difficulties with all versions 8.x
27 Dec 2002 11:53:26 GMT Olivier Mascia <>


> In message <_A2042@delegate-en.ML_> on 12/23/02(17:58:37)
> you Olivier Mascia <> wrote:
>  |I found 7.9.13 to be rock-solid on my Win2K configuration.
>  |I then tested the release 8.x version.
>  |It worked fine for some time until I had users complaining the HTTP
>  |proxy was always reporting "name seems not exists" (DNS lookup errors).
>  |Each time this happened, just stopping and restarting the service
>  |cleared the problem for some time.
> ...
>  |I then tested all other 8.x versions (other than the released one) and
>  |got the same problems. Never immediately but quite soon.
> If you could send me the LOGFILE of your DeleGate, including the
> debugging information of DNS resolver enabled with "RES_DEBUG=-1" option,
> it will be helpful to locate and fix the problem.
>  |I am pretty confident that the error is located somewhere in the DNS
>  |requests handling in 8.x code base, while it is okay in the 7.9.13.
>  |Might be quite easy to see what changed between both (focused on Win32
>  |builds as I can't report about Linux/unixes).
> As listed in the incompatibility list in README.7-8, name resolvers
> to be used by DeleGate is changed from 8.X.  This change was mainly
> for Win32.  You might be able to escape your problem by using "sys"
> resolver (resolver which is provided by the system).  Try the RESOLV
> parameter which was the default in "old)" version.
> > 8.0.0 RESOLV has come not to use "sys" if a DNS server is detected by default
> >   new) RESOLV=cache,file,dns
> >   old) RESOLV=cache,file,nis,dns,sys

Here is what I did for now :

- Installed the new stable 8.3.0 build.
- Set RESOLV=sys in my configuration files

For the last one hour, nothing went bad, so this does looks good.
If the problem re-appear, I will turn on RES_DEBUG=-1 and send log files.

Thanks !

Olivier Mascia <>

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