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[DeleGate-En] Win32 DNS difficulties with all versions 8.x
23 Dec 2002 09:00:10 GMT Olivier Mascia <>


I found 7.9.13 to be rock-solid on my Win2K configuration.
I then tested the release 8.x version.
It worked fine for some time until I had users complaining the HTTP
proxy was always reporting "name seems not exists" (DNS lookup errors).
Each time this happened, just stopping and restarting the service
cleared the problem for some time.

The problem restarted after minutes or after hours.

I then tested all other 8.x versions (other than the released one) and
got the same problems. Never immediately but quite soon.

I now reverted to 7.9.13, and the problem has not re-appeared again for
two days.

Our DNS servers are not the source of the problem, they were in perfect
condition each time this issue triggered : all other services could use
them when delegated.exe started reporting all DNS queries as failed. So
I am pretty confident that the error is located somewhere in the DNS
requests handling in 8.x code base, while it is okay in the 7.9.13.
Might be quite easy to see what changed between both (focused on Win32
builds as I can't report about Linux/unixes).

Thanks for having a look before the next 8.X release and thanks for such
a nice and versatile proxy tool !

Sincerely yours,

Olivier Mascia <>

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