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[DeleGate-En] Newsfeeds NNTP and Delegate
16 Dec 2002 15:49:07 GMT "Mark \(fat\)" <>

First off... Brilliant job. Once I had solved the problem of delegate
binding to the wrong interface (-Plocalhost.. Worth adding to the quick
start guide I think) it was easy after that.

I have been looking for a caching nntp proxy for a long time. A few
exist but are far to complex for my needs. Can I just ask a couple of
quick questions on my purpose of using delegate:

I subscribe to Newsfeeds for premium nntp access. This
gives me access to 16+ servers of content. I want to combine and proxy
article headers only for these servers. However newsfeeds has a couple
of access restrictions:

1. Only three threads per server per time
2. Only three servers per time (based on IP address)
3. Daily download limits with a fixed counter reset time

If you break with these rules the newsfeeds servers respond with typical
error codes and can get into long error code loops for persistant

Is it possible to handle this scenario/rules using delegate?

Also is it possible to set delegate to GET new headers of particular
groups at a fixed interval (i.e. once a day during the evening) in
addition to client request?

Thanks in advance and again... GREAT work!


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