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[DeleGate-En] FTP proxy using upstream HTTP proxy
06 Dec 2002 05:20:38 GMT Michael Pacey <>


Delegate looks really nice!

Is it possible to get Delegate's FTP proxy to use an upstream HTTP proxy?

The company where I work has HTTP and FTP proxy servers with virus scanning
software, all from the same vendor. The HTTP proxies work very well but
connections to the FTP proxies keep hanging. I've had no luck with the vendor so

I want to install an FTP proxy which converts the FTP request to an HTTP request
and passes it to our existing HTTP proxy, which would retrieve the file, virus
scan the file, and pass it back to the FTP proxy.

Is this possible with Delegate? I couldn't get it to work but the documentation
is quite complex so I may have missed something.

Thanks in advance.

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