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[DeleGate-En] CuSeeme Proxy and Delegate Configuration
25 Dec 1998 02:46:03 GMT James Buckeyne <>

Can someone help me configure Delegate as a CU-Seeme Proxy for a Windows

95 machine with a single Net card, with 2 addresses (192.x.x.1,
192.x.x.2) where CU-Seeme program will use .2 and the proxy on .1 to
relay through the dial-up networking layer to the actual internet and
thereafter the reflector itself.  If I directly route the packets, the
protocol between the cu-seeme program and the reflector contains an IP
address and the reflector rejects it.  The content of the message much
somehow change.  I'm using Cornell Cu-Seeme 1.0.  ... Anyone figure this

out yet?  I backed up to Version 3.1.4 (original 'addition of conference

ID relay'), and 4.4.1 ( version contained some fix for cu-seeme protocol

) and version 5.0.0 which started to use the SOCKS5 layer to transport
the CUSeeme Protocol... none of those worked....


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