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[DeleGate-En] authentication not working for SSL client accessing Delegate SSL proxy?
18 Dec 1998 06:10:41 GMT "Horia Georgescu" <>

Hi, I'm trying to get this going on my own, but it doesn't work ...
Here is an excerpt from "A universal SSL proxy by DeleGate":
"... If you wish to see client's certificate in SSLway with "-ac" option,
specify "-client_auth" option"..
I'm trying to do client authentication by using this mechanism, I used the
"client_auth" option, but without any result...Or at least the expected
result. I was able to browse my newly created SSL site, without any problem,
even without the proper (user) certificate imported in the browser.
Perhaps I didn't understand quite well what is supposed to happen there. Or
there are some other untold details?
Please help again. Thank you very much,
Horia Georgescu

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