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Problem with large messages.
  12/05-19:35 . 0160  Marco Morcos <> [8]
___ Dear sir, I am using Delegate version 5.8.1 on my Red Hat Linux server. I have a problem with the POP server in that large E-mail messages (about 1.8 Mega bytes) dont get popped. Any suggestions ??
  12/05-21:38 . 0161 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [16]
___ A parameter "MIMECONV=thru" might let your large message "popped"(?) in the situation where line between the server and the DeleGate is slow. ( Cheers,
Error message: "cannot create ${ACTDIR}/PID/${PORT} "
  12/06-22:39 . 0162  Marco Morcos <> [16]
___ Dear sir, I know that you have answered that question before, however I don't know where to create the ${ACTDIR} directory (I mean under which subdirectory). I am using Red Hat Linux and delegate v.
  12/07-00:57 . 0163 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [29]
___ On Unix, the default location of ACTDIR is /tmp/delegate which will be created automatically by DeleGate if /tmp directory is writable. [Manual.txt] I don't know so much about what will happen witho
Problem with RealPlayer
  12/09-08:56 . 0164  John Smith <> [10]
___ Hello Yutaka, I have problems with configuring RealPlayer with Delegate, cause it needs PNA and RTSP proxies. Is it possible to make them with Delegate, I'm using delegate 5.7.2. Thanks, John
  12/11-07:37 . 0165  "Jaapar, Jazzery" <> [7]
___ I couldn't figure out how to use delegated as a Socks Server. Can anyone help me? jjaapar@raymondkarsan..
  12/11-10:19 . 0166 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [19]
___ on 12/11/98(07:36:18) Figure out, please, what you need to do is specifying the port number on which clients are accepted, and the service name (protocol name) to be achieved for clients. Thus the m
Multiple HTTP ports with delegate
  12/13-18:27 . 0167  Marco Morcos <> [13]
___ Dear sir, My ISP provides two separate http services. 1- The first one is on his port and I connect successfully to that by: delegated -P2080 SERVER=http 2- The second uses sate
DeleGate 5.8.x as CGI broken
  12/16-14:23 . 0168  Scott Dybiec <> [9]
___ I tried to use DeleGate 5.8.x as a CGI, but it crashes. 5.7 seems to work so I'm using it at: $cott
  12/16-15:13 . 0169 (Yutaka Sato 佐藤豊) [40]
___ Hi $cott, This functionality to make DeleGate work as a CGI program with "-Fcgi" option seems to has been lost since 5.8.0 on which I totally changed and unified codes for -Fxxx options. I'm not sur
unable to read the certificates generated with SSleay
  12/17-13:27 . 0170  "Horia Georgescu" <> [175]
___ Hi, Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here... This is what I'm using to startup delegate: SSL_SERVER_CERT_FILE=cacert.pem SSL_SERVER_KEY_FILE= cakey.pem export SSL_SERVER_KEY_FILE export SSL_S
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