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Newsgroups: mail-lists.delegate-en

[DeleGate-En] NNTP Proxying problem (prepending string from MOUNT)
26 Mar 2002 15:31:27 GMT Steffen Kaiser <>


I've setup this NNTP proxy:

         $demon -P119
PERMIT="*:*:,," \
                SERVER=nntp \
                MASTER=ux-2s02a:11011   \
                HOSTS=RRZ.Uni-Koeln.DE/news.RRZ.Uni-Koeln.DE \
                TIMEOUT=con:10,acc:10,io:300,lin:10 \
                TIMEOUT=restart:1d \
                MOUNT="= nntp:// rw" \
                MOUNT="= news:// rw" \
                MOUNT="= nntp://localhost:8119 rw" \
                MOUNT="= nntp:// rw" \
                MOUNT="delegate. nntp:// rw" \

running delegate v7.9.2 (same is MASTER).

When subscribing to newsgroups all looks OK, but when I try to reply
(follow-up) an article both Pine v4.44 and Netscape Communicator v4.79
prepend "delegate." before the real name of the newsgroup. I have to
manually strip it off.
The only newgroups _not_ effected are the delegate ones.



Steffen Kaiser

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