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[DeleGate-En] ESMTP problems
23 Mar 2002 14:54:59 GMT Johann Loferer <>

I'm using Delegate for about one year on different machines and operating 
systems (Linux and SunOs5.6). 
Delegate as SMTP-Proxy works just fine - but some MTAs seem to have problems 
concerning the ESMTP implementation. I've tested versions 7.9.1 and 7.5.4. 
Delegate delivers an empty 250 line causing errors.
Whenever the remote MTA gets the empty line without any additional ESMTP 
commands it's just waiting and finally a time out occurs. 

The only thing I could do was downgrading to version 7.3.0 which doesn't 
know about ESMTP at all and forces the remote machine to use SMTP. 
Kind regards,
Hans Loferer

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