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[DeleGate-En] Re: DGROOT ignored on Win32
18 Mar 2002 18:20:42 GMT Manuel Martin <>

Hello Yutaka,

first of all, sorry for misspelling your name the first time.

> DGROOT is one of parameters which cannot be given in "+=parameters"
> unfortunately.  It must be specified in command line.

Ah, yes, I did that at installation time (it is also set in the registry
for my service) and added this to the +=file just for documentation
purposes (later on on I forgot that .-)). But it doesn't work for "CRON
... -expire". I worked around this by setting also CACHEDIR, now the
cache is cleared, too.

FYI, delegate *seems* to use normaly the correct path because of the
ARGV:pwd="path_of_service_installation_time". NT switches to that path
at service-startup time (I think).

Thanks again, MM

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