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[DeleGate-En] authentication gateway
05 Feb 2002 13:36:12 GMT Jan Stifter <>


I need a server, where users can connect themself and authenticate with 
username / password. This authentication should be done preferably with html 
/java, so that the users don't need any software to install 
(there are more than 500 users around the world).

After authentication has been done, the authentication server opens 
connections to the servers behind for this user, so the authenticated user 
can connect to e.g. a html page "inside" of the network (put your email 
reader in courier font to see):

 +----------------+   +-----------+
-+ authentication +---+ server(s) ヲ
 +----------------+   +-----------+

Note that several users can come over the same ip (if they come from the same 
company and they are using private ip's from the inside), so authentication 
over source ip is not possible.

Has anybody experience, how I could do this? I searched quite some time, 
looking at firewalling, proxy servers, ...
Any hints are greatly appreciated,


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